Good evening ladies and gentleman

So we have been trying to understand our passions, making an attempt at least to why sometimes in modern society we can feel as if we aren’t supposed to be passionate, rather instead to solve this “problem,” this thing that is trying to interrupt our little world. I believe this is something we do all the time, the limitations we put on ourselves mean we miss out on just so much. This passion that we all have, the fire burning within your very soul, the very lifeblood of who we are and what we aspire to be, lost, avoided. I hate the fact we do this, because it means we spend our lives living like we are supposed to- not the way we want to live our lives.

Either way i wrote more about passion last time….so let us continue.

I’ve been thinking for the past few days after that example we were considered for passion and what it meant to feel passionate about someone and why we try to deal with it, why we try and solve the supposed “problem,” this way living in anticipation of constantly having to take on some form of adversary. What is this behavior? Is this something learned, a necessary behavior that “needs” to be done, or is it something that becomes part of our behavioral repertoire without us even thinking about it?

This thing, this lumpen feeling that we should be actively trying to solve this “issue” so we can go back to our little world, isn’t the only active idea flurrying around our minds making waves and causing confusion when all of this stuff is going on. We think we are SUPPOSED to solve this issue, but for some reason, we feel as if we don’t want to, because we know even in the earliest stages of this new found passion for someone, or something, we feel truly outstanding.

So we end up in constant conflict, a turmoil of unfamiliar ideas and feelings that we don’t know how to deal with, only really knowing that our “perfect little world” seems a long way in the rear view mirror at this point.  This turmoil we have all suffered at a certain point, between “solving” it so it will go away, or giving yourself the choice to feel good, to be passionate and choose to feel good can seem so overwhelming at times, it can feel like we are drowning under a great weight we cannot really explain.

I feel like, and this is just me, it revolves around a central idea, an issue that has the potential to totally destroy those passions, the feelings and ideas that can do us so much positive benefit its like a drug. This central idea is indecision. Not being able to make a decision so not doing one thing, or the other, regardless of the feeling that comes with forging forward with a particular idea, with the expense of the alternative no longer being an option. We hate not having something, as I’ve said in previous writings, as, in particular during today’s modern times, we worry the “grass is always greener on the other side.”

So we sit, almost as if we are in limbo, sitting on the fence. Worried to fall one way or another as we could feel something we don’t like and could make us feel bad.  So we sit there and do nothing, thinking about very little else other than this “issue.” This avoiding making decisions when emotions are playing a part is something that from a purely rational perspective could make perfect sense, the ultimate irony being that by doing nothing, teetering on the edge of to deal with something or allow it in can ironically make things much worse. By doing nothing, we create this self-centered paradox in which we could feel such passions and allow wonderful joyous momentum to flow through us, but all we think about is the decision, what we should or shouldn’t do, scared almost of doing the wrong thing.

How do you deal with important decisions in life? Do you ever feel scared of making a decision and worry that you could be missing something?

I do this, and its possibly the most irritating “quirk” we as people are capable of….

Yours, DR.

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