Good evening ladies and gentleman

This evening we find ourselves looking for a conclusion on this escapism issue. As we have been delving further and further into this issue, for some reason i found myself growing more and more annoyed at the thoughts crossing my mind. I think maybe its because, on the whole, modern society doesn’t like to appear weak. We feel like in every situation we need to be superior, be bigger and better than everyone else, that way “what I’m doing will matter.” Throughout all aspects of life i get the feeling we are like this, even in the parts that don’t overly interest us.

It seems, to me, that its not that we are necessarily worried about looking strong, but about doing all we can to not look weak, to appear socially, mentally or physically “inferior.” Regardless of your gender, religion, race or sexual orientation, these days there is always a “way to live,” like a guidebook, like we should all live the same way. Then we end up convinced coming away from this ideal is “bad” or “wrong.” This then means we become so concentrated on reaching this ideal, we saunter straight past something that could have such an impact on your life it could change it forever. So wrapped up in trying to not look weak, to not feel like we are at a “loss” for something or there was an obstacle we cannot conquer.

I’m not saying that you as a person, how you feel about your life, love and everything in between is not hugely relevant to the way we live as human beings, but i feel there is much more to it. Imagine that feeling, that gut sense that unsettles you when there is a “problem” you can’t quite figure out. To some extent, as i have said before, we don’t want to solve this problem, we think we are supposed to. In modern society we are obsessed by “solving” things, even if we don’t really want to.

Take the example from last time, the feeling you have when you are around that particular person. You know its there, but you cant figure out what it is, or what it means, other than the “problem” can make you feel so good, seeing it as a “problem” is where the problems begin. The world is so complicated, miserably depressed and full of stuff that would love us to be terrified, sit at home with the doors boarded shut and wait to die. This though, is something else.  This is something you’re told you’re supposed to figure out, but you love just having it so much, this outstanding passion of something so dam wonderful.

Think about what creates that feeling you aren’t sure about. There is a lot of people in the world, all with a collection of feelings and ideas, with this creating a background for who we are, it is this that is makes up our passions. Passion is a wonderful thing, even though, somehow, we have convinced ourselves we shouldn’t feel it. Move back to that same example, from our self obsession to overcoming it to just living in that feeling, that “moment.” Its a rare thing for a person to make you feel passionate, as if nothing else matters other than being there, with them in that moment. That feeling that while you feel nothing you normally do, but feel everything at the same time. When you are with them, or doing that thing, its all you care about. Furthermore, when you don’t see them, you recall that feeling, that thing that can’t be explained, but you know you miss it, you miss them.

This is where passion comes from. The most utterly outstanding thing we as human beings are capable of and its something we feel like we are supposed to ignore. I have before and i will again, say something like “choose not to ignore it” or something, but that, to me would be like admitting defeat. I think we have to see it as an option, before anything else.

Modern society tries to dictate to us that we should not do this, or that, so we follow along, doing as we are told, because that is “what’s done.” Following a passion, allowing that fire to burn so brightly you just want to shout about how fucking magnificent this feeling, that person or that wonderful event is, surely should always be the main priority. Not making money, not making other people happy, not blindly following an ideal you feel nothing for, following the feelings that make you feel utterly wonderful.

Choose to see that passion, that wonderful feeling that you can’t explain, but who cares? This is living ladies and gentleman! Stand up and scream it from the rooftops, we were not purely designed to overcome issues, have children and die. We were designed to evolve, fall down and want to get back up because we are awash with good and positive energy to ride higher, jump longer and feel so much. Passion should pour more fuel on the fire of life. You don’t have to do anything, think anything or be anything you don’t want, or what your supposed to do. See the passions you feel so strongly for as an option as its something that could make you feel utterly wonderful, if you choose to allow it to.

Choose to think better feeling thoughts.

See the wonderful parts of who you are and let them be your fuel.

Yours, DR.

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