Right people i am aware and hopeful there will be questions and ideas discussed in the future- and i hope to get to as many of them as i can. With a bit of luck i will be able to consider and discuss them all with you, ┬ábut I am aware of this may not be possible. Regardless of whether I try to illicit discussion considering any subject, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. The whole point of TE is to discuss beliefs and ideas, to develop understand about something you may have previously struggled with.Anyway this page is for the purpose of showing you some of the ideas and questions you ┬áput forward, so possible thoughts from yours truly, in the hope you feel like you can discuss this with people further.

Its down to you. Your the ultimate version of whatever you want to be. Poet Charles Bukoswki wrote “don’t let yourself be beaten into dank submission.” Be free to think and form new ideas, change old opinions, and create positive energy people. The bad things in your world only get you down if you let them.


PS: obviously this is going to have to be an “under construction” sort of thing for now. I hope to get this going as soon as i can. DR