Whats going on people.

So where is the end game on Thinking Evolution? What are we working towards- what do i hope we (as a collective) can achieve? I hope we can see we don’t have to limit ourselves and our thinking, that we can choose to think more freely,  to form opinions based on all sides of an argument and be prepared to find new information, to see new things and experience the outstanding aspects of the world, to understand that we always have a choice in our way of thinking. We are in charge people- so surely we can choose to think better feeling thoughts.

We only get one chance on this earth and in this life, so why waste time being so much less than we want to be- than we could be? Why not live for the moments, those life affirming experiences that make you happy you were there. Have those conversations where you talk for hours, about life, of love and all the things in between. Do those things that you would never normally do, be a part of those things you would always try to avoid, for these are the things that make you move forward, to learn and see the outstanding wander your world can offer you.

Truth us, the world can at times be quite a dire place. With the news just spewing rage and bile at us, habitually showing us all the bad that is going on in certain places of the world, to the so called “celebrities” either famous for talking about how certain people are bad, people are good, how “we should all do this” or “you should buy this new thing- it will make you feel good I promise.” etc. etc.

I think this is an issue we all have in modern society, all based on the way we choose to see things. We choose to see the world “as it is,” to do as we are told because these people “know what they’re doing, so its almost as if we feel like we can’t choose how to feel or how to live our life. Its a horrible thing and that’s why we are here ladies and gentleman.

Sometimes i feel like we are worried about being wrong, worried about opinions of others, being “seen” as wrong, worrying that the it might not mean we can be “liked.” I hope for Thinking Evolution we can discuss and consider the different thoughts and events throughout life, what things mean to us and how they make us feel. I hope we can introduce each other to new ideas and thoughts, be able to form opinions and see the wider pictures of the world, so we see that what we do in life should be as we choose, because it makes us feel good, regardless of what people think.

Learning more about other people, other feelings and events that may be normally considered unfamiliar, or maybe something we are unaware of, then through this wee can choose to feel better feeling thoughts. Then with a bit of hope, we can choose to see the world in a more positive way, and maybe the world might wind up a much more powerful, individual, energy filled place.

This process, this learning i hope will never end, because surely you can never stop learning. I hope we can all hopefully continue to develop the way we think and see the world, think more freely and do what we believe is right. If we  understand what we feel happiness can be, throughout whatever context, then maybe it will be easier to choose to feel good.

Here comes the run of a lifetime. A Thinking Evolution.