Make a Decision

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

“Your life is your life-don’t let your life be beaten into dank submission” is a quote from poet Charles Bukowski, and while random is rather appropriate for today’s discussion. As previously mentioned the world seems to not have time anymore, we are always moving about, working, shopping from groceries, seeing people, rushing from meeting to meeting, event to event, not ever stopping to appreciate what is happening at a particular moment to truly understand it. We do this because we feel we have to, as if our lives and the lives of our family and friends would be much worse off.¬†

Yet why do we sometimes¬†feel powerless? It seems to come, to some extent from a lack of control and to a much more substantial extent, fear. We don’t have any power over our lives, or kid ourselves into thinking we do, so we can be comfortable, we know what’s coming, be it in 2, 5 or 10 years. Everyday is laid out so nothing unexpected will ever happen, so it should be fine and you can be “happy,” we can keep doing what we are doing and thinking what we are thinking, yet that thought, that feeling that something isn’t right- its almost like your life isn’t something you decided to do- almost like we are on a weird form of autopilot?

So- how do we take back control? Make a decision. We are so scared in modern society to make even the simplest of decisions, partly because we are so worried about being universally liked by everybody we know and even those we don’t know, scared we might miss something that makes us believe the “grass is so much greener on the other side-” to the point if we don;t have all of the variables and are fully aware of all the options, we sit and think “i don’t need to think about this, i’m alright with how things are,” even though you know you feel like something is off with your life.

Make a decision people. Make a decision. It can be the biggest thing you have ever thought about, or something as small as where to go out to dinner, just decide to do one thing more than another. Be happy with your decision and take it as the potentially positive result it can produce. Believe that your decisions can create the scenarios, the ideas you have had for where you life can be for so long. This is what real power is, be the person you choose to be, the bigger, higher energy that feeds you from the moment you wake to the instant your asleep, the energy that people can feed off and feel just as powerful as you do.

Make a decision, understand how outstanding it was and do it again, again and again. Keep this momentum going and see how outstandingly powerful it can make you feel. Sometimes the decisions you make wont work out as positively the first time, you will feel like power is lost. Bring it back and start again, make that decision and go again. All you want is to be able to breathe, your only desire, your only need.

Be the powerful person you could be- make that decision.

Until next time. DR

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Make a decision