Live your own way

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

In these modern times everywhere and everyone has an opinion, they are something that make the world go round, every advert between every TV show:-

“buy this thing” or ” go here and it will make you feel happy” then people will like us and i will look cool.

Whether we are prepared to admit to this or not, we have all had this thought cross our minds at some point “when this happens it’ll be better” or “when i move there.” Lets say for instance you get all those things, the fancy cars, the big houses, the loads of friends and partners you know for five minutes, get down and you carry on whatever binge you were on for a week. When you crawl up and die, what will you have to show for it? Things. Things bring us instant gratification, and in particular in modern day society we see this as happiness, but once this wears down, that’s all we have, things. Even the partners we have become things. Say you see a beautiful man or woman sat across from you at the latest party. You don’t know them and are not particularly interested in doing so, you only have the one thing on your mind. Do that, and what do you have? Instant gratification, but still only temporary. Continue living for this limited gratification without any real meaning, and you wind up down a path of self destruction so survive it will more than likely wind up your untimely demise.

This is what i will call “living by opinion”- or as Rollo May said it being a “Mirror Person,” thinking of nothing but others opinions, sometime at the cost of your own.

At this point you could simply say “don’t be interested in people’s opinions then” Unfortunately that’s a lot easier said than done. So- an idea. Whether we all like it or not, people’s opinions will matter to us, so how do we go about dealing with them in a healthier way? Everybody has the right to their opinion, as do you and at the same time they have the right to believe you are wrong, again as do you them. Celebrities and designers have their opinions and live their own way. Why would they possibly respect you at all by trying to imitate their lifestyle? That is theirs- go and live your own?

See people’s opinions, and see your own. Those who matter to you emotionally, if they truly hold some meaning for the relationship you have with them will give you their opinion, and it is your choice whether you take it or not. That’s what it boils down to, choice. You always have a choice. You can choose to take on somebody’s opinion, develop your opinion as part of what they think, if you choose to, and develop your ideas on it. If someone doesn’t like you because you disagree with something they said, they do not deserve you. Move forward and leave these ego maniacal people behind. They are not good for you, and will spend more time driving you down, trying to develop another version of themselves rather ┬áthan a functioning human being with a mind and soul all of their own, someone who is truly free.

Think your own thoughts, choose to feel good.

Viva la evolution

Until next time DR

Something different today- seemed fitting


Live your own way