How to Live Forever

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After our initial venture into the idea of never ending life, where we spend our lives living in fear of how an ending will make you feel,  considering the crushing disappointment it didn’t go how you hoped it would, the way it felt was nowhere near as beautifully brilliant as you imagined it would be or just for the fact an almost perfect moment in your life is over and you feel almost lost as a result. Even in the ultimate end something is always lost. be it your end or someone you are close to. What it can mean though is we find motivation not to start, for the inevitable result, no matter what happens on the journey is an ending, and everything is sad when its over.

Yet to find a way of avoiding this feeling and have never ending life, there will only ever be one result, a seemably inevitable conclusion that life feels so empty. Why? For anything with any meaning,  something that can stir your soul to its very core  simply becomes meaningless, as time becomes so relative to you lifetimes become fleeting and moments only seem notable for their end, which no matter how many times you experience the brilliant nature of them are always tainted in the fact they will always end. To avoid an ending, on any scale, is to live in the constant cycle of the ending.

So, how do we live forever then and not be left in this cycle? Well, first things first in 2017 nobody is immortal and endings are always going to be an inevitable part of our existence. regardless of how you think and feel about them.  I feel like its easy to feel as if your fading into nothing but the sadness, madness and loss that endings are so often mired in, for we are so full of emotion, its like we are blind to everything and anything else.

So-  i was wandering. What if we look at it differently? What if it was an inevitable end, a crushing loss, as the bitter cold of winter starts to fall away and spring has sprung, that was in fact the beginning of something bigger and better, something so much more?

This is where we, the people are so more fucking amazing than we so often think we are. We are so incredibly powerful, as a unit, as a partnership and even when your totally alone, for the mental power you have is to me, the key to how you live forever. You are unique, as am I, as is the person you are sat near, or even every person on your Instagram. These thoughts, ideas and feelings are yours, and this is the key to life itself, more so than the flashy cars, creaky mansions, how much money you earn and how many partners you had will ever mean.  You are so flushed with emotion during an ending it can be hard to see, but what if there was another way, what if there was a different route to “happiness” away from what the world, that may make for a more powerful life than we could ever imagine for ourselves?

I was reminded of a famous line of a movie from twelve years ago when contemplating the idea of “living forever.” In “V for Vendetta” the main character in one of the final scenes grabs the bad guy, Mr Creedy, and whispers very calmly the following sentence:-

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea Mr Creedy and ideas are bulletproof”

This, to me, is how we live forever. Your body will breakdown, maybe when your 2 years old, maybe when your 102 years old. The action, this “ultimate end” is inevitable. Who you are though, the thoughts your portray to the world, the feelings you create in people- love, hate, envy, lust. The ideas you have, the things you create, to act upon them is to feed the world with everything you are. We are powerful to make such a mark on the world, to see that there is something that we can do to right a wrong or move the world forward in such a way that means it never wants to  look back.

Through this scale becomes truly meaningless, for the effect in your eyes is all that matters. You might have the next brilliant idea for the new Facebook, or it could be about be about being connected to someone on such a deep fundamental level, the point is, if we are able to get out there and make that mark, we become so much more than our ultimate end, so much more than a person trying to just “deal with”  living in modern society. We become brilliant, wonderfully minded, eccentric, forward thinking, mindful, intelligently beautiful human beings. We are our own revolution, our own evolution. As V said- “Ideas are bulletproof.” You may not be immortal, but your thoughts, feelings and ideas of the world can be anything you want them to be.

This idea, this mindful choice, to see your ideas and feelings as being surrounded by an impenetrable fortress that cannot be conquered, for they are yours, is remarkably appropriate, if not for anything else it makes you want them so much more, to work so much harder to get and be everything you want in life. This is you and the way you think in its most brilliant way. Beyond living forever and avoiding endings, just being in this moments that meant so much will have an ever lasting effect on you, leaving such a profound impact on your mental composition. Allowing the mental orchestra of your life to be modified just a little so it can evolve to heights bigger than we could ever believe is surely a lot of what life, love and everything in between is all about.

 Will it be scary? Dam right, if you ever wandered if thinking, feeling or doing something was is truly worth the effort, see if it scares you. That fear is your drive, to new beginnings on the journey to everything you imagine life could be, given the chance.

Ideas, thoughts and feelings never really die. Be it our ultimate end, or the fear throughout life of the inevitable endings you and I will have to experience at times in our lives, its how we see them that is the key. We can sit, defeated, deflated and clinging to the sadness, misery and depression of the end, for something beautiful has been lost, and “that’s life” i suppose. That is so much more than “this is life” and that’s it, for this moment is simply the start of it. You had something utterly beautiful and it ended, but through this, something else is beginning. If we embrace it, these ideas, thoughts and feelings that define us, that i guess in a way make up your “soul,”then in our own way, we really can live forever.

Wouldn’t that be something.

Yours, with love as always.

Random inspiration.

Little extra- Clip from “V for Vendetta”

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  1. I really loved this line, “the point is, if we are able to get out there and make that mark, we become so much more than our ultimate end.” It’s so true and a philosophy that I run my life and business by. I love how you tackled such an existential topic in this blog, too!

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