Why do things take so long? my possible solution…

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

I posted here a few days ago contemplating the idea that in these modern times, we always seem to take a long time to do things we feel like we might enjoy, substituted instead for things we feel we should do or we are comfortable doing, simply because we don’t know if what we want to spend time wanting to do would be able to sustain us, not cause us harm or discomfort. Our brains are designed to protect us from things we are uncomfortable with, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything.

If you haven’t already read what i write a few days ago, go read it. From what i have gleaned from years of seeing and being part of the “nervousness” of modern society, i find it providing food for thought. We are all in a rush, always with somewhere to be and something to do. Generally something we aren’t overly interested in doing, simply doing it because we have to, be it to excel somewhere we aren’t necessarily interested in being, or to maintain the flow of money to keep buying things that might (we think) bring us closer to that elusive “joy” or “happiness” we desire.

However, i think money isn’t ever going to make you, me, or anybody truly happy. I think it plays a part, especially in modern times. There is a saying that has been circling the internet for some time, sounding shallow and dull, but if you stop and think:-

“they say money cant buy happiness, but i’d rather cry in a Maserati”

While admittedly this is true, money can bring you happiness (sort of), but the most important factor is how you look at it. We think money is the only thing that matters, especially in modern times, mainly because that is what we have been told. Especially with the government making more and more cuts everyday, it limits the way we think about things we love even more, putting them off as pipe dreams, thinking “that will never work” or ” i don’t have time or the money to do that.”

Money and time are not infinite, and they never will be, so why keep putting stuff off? If you think you should wait for the right time, that time will probably never come, and you will never have enough money. So you have to make a choice. Right now.

You make money, you do what you must to provide and maintain your world. Your money doesn’t make you happy though, its the experiences that it provides. If you think about money in a different way and what it can provide, then surely it can make you feel good. Therefore that nervousness you have for what you don’t understand and new experiences you may want to try is limiting the happiness and joy you live for. So if you change your perspective and modify the way you feel about experiences and the nervousness of modern life.

So choose the good path. Not the safe one, the comfortable one, the one that would make you happy, because in the end this is all that matters. You can die with millions in the bank, but if you don’t experience life, then why did you bother??

Choose to think better feeling thoughts, and start your evolution.

Until next time. DR.

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