Why do things take so long?

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

This afternoon i pose to you a question. Why do things take so long? or maybe the better question might be why do we always put stuff off? Even the stuff we really want to do?

There are a few examples in my life that sort of illustrate a certain nervousness that exists throughout modern life. I believe we are all always doing something. We always have things that need to be done and places we need to be. Constantly on the move be it in the car, the train, the bus, even when you walk through a city centre it always seems like people are rushing, almost feeling like they should run in order to have a little more time. I say “people” to include me, I’ve seen myself doing this all the time, from my occasional change in driving style to simply walking through a crowded street.

The example to illustrate my point is a festival. Be it a music festival, a beer festival, an art festival. Generally considered the ultimate celebration of an art form you love and have spent however much or as little of your life spending time around. The festival in question my friends and I had been talking about going to for almost 4 years. So why did we not go? Why have we not been three or four times now? I’m not sure- but i know it’s part of something much bigger that constantly is in the back of my mind…

Its a hard feeling to grasp, feeling like your living wrong. You can have all the money in the world, but does it really give you freedom, give you happiness? There are millionaires who are bored and miserable, and people with nothing but experience in life that couldn’t be happier?

Have a think people. and see if you can understand why things take so long? i would love to hear what you think, and any experiences of what event or moment in your life can illicit the feeling that we have to wait for the right moment.

Should there ever be a wrong moment to think better feeling thoughts? Surely not. We shouldn’t have to designate time to feeling good? Sounds stupid.

Something for you to consider

Viva la evolution


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Why do things take so long