What are you Worth?

Good evening ladies and gentleman

Now, before and tomorrow. Three separate time frames, 3 things that can bring with it a different set of emotions. Good, bad or indifferent. You may feel good today, you could feel bad, this could change tomorrow, it may not. The beliefs on what we are worth, and what people believe us to be worth is down to one thing. As we have mentioned a number of times. Its a choice. I know it seems massively narrow minded of me to say “its just a choice.” Its obviously considerably more complicated, but in its essence, a basic, necessary choice.

However, there is an issue, the issue of worth, in any form. There is the worth people see in you, the amount of money and things you have (especially in modern society) and the worth we have for ourselves. However, it could be argued that being sedated is more comfortable to us, by things and net worth of this and that, the cars we drive, the technology we own as we watch so called “celebrities” running around supposed to be setting examples, creating ideologies for how  we are supposed to want to live. Why are we like this? Ignoring the financial and monetary “worth” for a second and lets look more at the individualistic ideas of “worth.”

Something will be worth doing, even when its something we aren’t really interested in doing, if the reward is good. We generally will manage the particular issue and move on with our reward, however minimal it might be as soon as possible. Why do we not stay around for that long? We have such an issue of instant gratification moving us through life, something, some situation or even a particular person only being worth so much before we drift off to something else, a fresh slate, where we keep the reward rate high, but minimal in the feelings they illicit.

This is all, i believe related to worth. The idea we don’t “believe” we are worthy of being in a certain situation or being with a certain someone, for whatever reason, even though it could illicit feelings of such wondrous joy and happiness. We believe other people will see us as “not worthy,” so we all end up in a consistent circle, questioning the worth of doing anything.

We question the worth of doing things that could potentially make us feel good because we cannot see the end result, and always believe there is a chance it could make us feel miserable. We move from reward to reward, aware that this can make us feel good, even at a much smaller capacity. This is tried and tested, a highly effective method for us all as we’ve done this loads and “it never makes me feel like crap” so we stick at it- because “whats the use anyway?” we all naturally assume things will end up going against  what we want and hope for. It raises a question of what is more important? The need to be rewarded minimally, or to feel so good- just because we can?

So what do you think? What do you feel is your worth…both to yourself and to other people?

Can it change every day? Do we try and live to minimal rewards?

Until next time.

Random motivation picture. (Beyonce of all people?)


What are you worth