We Will Prevail.

Good evening ladies and gentleman

As i hope you have previously seen, i have spent a lot of time thinking about loneliness and what it means. Further on even from understanding what loneliness means there is a way of thinking, a way of capitalizing on what is, for the most part, an incredibly negative and dour situation to find yourself in.

We are forever being told in these motivational speeches and seminars, as glistening , rather loud, quite peculiar people shout their opinions at you like there’s a  form of fact we are top of the “food chain” in this world and because of this we should generally be capable of doing anything we choose to. However, I’ve always found this solitary style physical “shout to be heard” style thing difficult to fathom. I have never been a fan of motivation, because it gives like a set list in how to live your life. “Think like this,” “Act like this” and through living like this you will be successful and happy. People are compulsed then by the opinions of talkers and writers who seem to talk sense, as they flow over the stage seeming to just state the obvious.

Living, living is much more complicated. A unique, eviscerating, beautifully brilliant experience when you find your flow. The idea of living, as purely and truly to yourself as you can is what makes loneliness so important, and motivation not half as simple as some parts of the world would let on, to me anyway. I’ve always believed motivation is a universal thing, where truly inspiring is a personal thing and so fucking powerful. So beautiful, so brilliant, an intensely powerful emotional experience. To inspire, or to be inspired, to find someone living so purely themselves, truly doing as they like and being who they want to be, regardless of opinions, ideas, or manufactured societal ideologies of happiness and they way we are supposed to live. Those who live as they choose to, not because they seem trapped. Those who seem truly happy, in their own way are more inspirational than any amount of motivation can ever be to me.

These people are not always happy, these people have not always been successful. The path they had to themselves, to a life of love, of joy, of wander and beauty and happiness is supposed to difficult, supposed to filled with stuff to make you want to give up, that means you don’t want to keep fighting against the enemy within. For among it all, the choices you have made, the paths you have walked, its all who you are, the voice in your head pushing you down the paths your “supposed ” to stroll down is all you, the fearful you that lives within us all endlessly asking “what if?” as we endlessly listen. This is where things like loneliness and fear wins, when we have to choose, but no choice seems like a good one.

So when all is said and done, if universal motivation isn’t the way to do it, if we aren’t going to be motivated by someone telling you how to think or feel, how do we get back up? How do we keep moving when all you can think about is hiding away, How do you, to not ignore the dreadfully overused cliche for a second- keep calm and carry on? Through the loneliness, difficulty, pain, heartbreak, envy, jealousy and a million other ways of feeling just awful. Easier said than done, but i do believe we are all powerful enough to battle this.

How do you deal with it? Because you are you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at you. Look past the body you live in, stare through the blue of your eyes into the darkest parts of your soul and into the depths of your beating heart. See yourself for everything that you are as you stare into the abyss as if looking at someone you love more than life taught you was even possible and see your soul scream in pain as you do it. Your fighting a battle against you, and all i can ask for from myself as DR and Thinking Evolution is to keep fighting, because your so worth fighting for. Life could be spectacular if we just gave it the chance, if we seize control from the emotional and controlling elements of it looking to drag us down into the dirt of mediocrity, living a life you find so uninteresting, but are so utterly convinced is the key to success. As those who want to live purely and beautifully we live a mission, to fight the good fight. Me in this guise as the eternal optimist I believe  we can all do this, and simply trying is the first step.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, filled with perfect choices that always work out for the best, endless good times and a constant stream of positive vibes and high level beauty. Frankly, i believe life would be utterly exhausting if it were like this. Furthermore, the world convinced that a permanent state of some strange almost sedated euphoric happiness  is the key to a successful life makes no sense, simply because its not true. We need the bad times, the times that make you feel as if the only sensation you can feel in life is a dark cloud of misery forever looming over you. They make the good times, those time where you laugh until you cry, do things you would never normally do, be in places you would never normally be, the moments that make you so fucking proud just to be there so much more.

We are being challenged you see, by ourselves. The voice inside your head, that little niggle in the back of your head, the leak in the system of your mind and soul slowly dripping doubt into every corner of your consciousness. The world often seems a broken and heartless place, and we are the only way out. You, I and everyone else need to be the author of your own story, for it ends however you want it to. Not the world, not other people, your fate is not decided by society, your destiny is so far from predetermined. It is how you see it should be. You should be lonely sometimes, its good to be sad, it makes us human, makes us emotional.

However, it also gives us power, to overcome adversity amongst the greatest of odds, when the battlements are down, the enemy is getting in and victory, survival looks impossible.  Its not easy to see, but if we can believe that we are capable, then i truly believe when all is said and done-

We will prevail.

Yours, with love as always.