We are all a Mess.

We are all, in essence, a mess.

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

I find us at a particularly difficult way point where we have landed in what is the wonderfully terrifying amalgamation of emotions, feelings and ideas we know as “insecurity.” What does it mean? What is it? Does the term mean different things to different people?

Perhaps most importantly, is there a way of overcoming this feeling? This horrible sensation that we will never be able to do this or that, the feeling that you shouldn’t or couldn’t feel something that makes you feel outstanding, because of the pain of rejection, or the sensation, almost loss felt when you realize they will never see you the same way you do them?

I had a thought the other day considering the insecurity issue as a whole, along with the numerous side problems that can come as a result of these insecurities, somehow leading to a rather weird connection with an old thing my parents used to tell me as a child, as I’m sure you’re parents may have told you as a child.

When you would see a bug as a child, an insect or spider etc, it would make you feel scared, be fearful, because you hadn’t seen this thing before, or the last time you had seen it you felt something you were uncomfortable with. Then along comes you parent to say:-

“don’t touch it- it’s more scared of you than you are of it”

Generally leading to you backing off, allowing it to do its thing. I admit you may be sat there thinking ” what the hell is he on about !?!” but bare with me.

Take this idea of being unfamiliar or uncomfortable with something as a child, which would lead to you, or a person close to you taking steps to remove the problem, allowing you to carry on. Put this into the modern day insecurities we are all dealing with to differing extents and it makes remarkable sense we are more similar than we thought to our younger counterparts.

I have mentioned before we all have our own unique way of looking at the world, yet to further this I think we have a unique way of looking at ourselves, something which would appear to be directly related to what others think of us.

Now I’m not a moron. I know you aren’t gonna get over your insecurities within  a day or two, as neither should I expect to be able to. I think it’s a step by step process, each one needing you to feel and believe it, to live to this ideology or understanding for us to effectively overcome these barriers.

The first step seems to be, as we were scared of the spider and the spider scared of us, we all find ourselves feeling uncomfortable and negative in our thinking at certain points, be it for 12 minutes of the day or 12 hours. Everybody is fighting, even if people can’t see the fight. We fight the voice in your head that tells you that you shouldn’t do this or can’t do that, because there could be a punishment, we could feel bad. Yet if we let it in the reward could be like nothing else.

I feel it’s oddly comforting to know you aren’t the only person in the world dealing with bad thoughts or bad situations in their lives. We all spend so long thinking about what makes us feel bad so we know what to avoid, but just the idea we all have at some point felt uncomfortable, fearful, or just generally negative. Maybe it means we aren’t as unstable as we sometimes think.

We are all a mess to some extent. Cementing this thought seems to be the first step.

The first step to choosing to think better feeling thoughts and being part of a Thinking Evolution.

Yours, DR.

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We are all a mess