Thoughts and Confessions

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

Today i find myself needing to make a confession to you all. Having written a few things here on Thinking Evolution, i find myself believing i’m starting to develop a knack for it, going through the processes and trying to understand what’s going on in the world around me.

However, my most recent post on “The Mirror Person” was not really up to the standard i wanted. I have a process every time i write something and as per usual i did go through that process when writing this. Since it has been online however i find myself more and more unsettled by it. In my opinion, i seem to have bumbled on through the post for far too long, repeating myself and generally talking too much about what is a relatively simple concept and something that could provide a great deal of insight into potential discussions. However, the way i have written it just seems lumpen and half hearted.

I don’t know why i feel like this about that, but first of all i would like to apologize to anybody who has read it, it was far from my best work. However it can provide us valuable insight into the Thinking Evolution.

Now it would be understandable to think “why not just delete it if you don’t like it?” Ah. I did consider this, but that misses the point. Life is like a road, sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth. I believe that either way, rough or smooth we have to move through it, it cannot be avoided. “The Mirror Person” is far from my best work, it could even be considered a failure. This could be considered as a good thing, for how am to learn how to succeed without failure? So i failed, but all failure is basically a way of gathering information in how to succeed and head for the ultimate aim of the Thinking Evolution.

There will be good days, there will be bad days in life. As there will be good posts and bad posts. The speed bumps of life aren’t going to go away if you pretend they aren’t there. So stand up to them, show them whose boss, power through them by choosing to think better feeling thoughts, ergo allowing yourself a Thinking Evolution.

Until next time people. DR.

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