The most Important Person

Good evening ladies and gentleman

So we have been recently considering the idea of altruism, the basis for being good to someone, or a collection of people, for no other purpose than to make them feel good. Is it really worth acting in an altruistic way in modern society? Have we become ready, prepared for anything we do to lead us to a special reward? Does this reward, or even the idea a reward is coming, mean more to us than the simple pleasure of helping someone to feel good?

Altruism is undoubtedly a positive aspect of human behavior, even if the impact of truly selfless behavior is occurring to a lesser extent in modern society, because of this expectancy of something being returned to us, a debt that must be paid, we always must feel like we are “even” with people and the world around us. This, as a general behavior to me, makes sense, in a very unique way. (stick with me- i promise)

I have written at length previously about the questions over whether being altruistic  or acting in an altruistic way was something that comes naturally  to us, or is it something we learn to do, through the people we see and learn from as well as the environments we grow up in. Moreover, we considered whether being altruistic was even worth it anymore, in a time of double standards and selfish behavior, people pretending to act in a certain way to gain what they need, only to move on, leaving us not really knowing how to feel.

Well. First of all, i do believe and will always believe, altruism is worth it. Altruism is similar to love in the place it has in modern society, to me. It is an individual thing, a contextual thing. If we feel like we can act in  a particular way, be it in certain situations or around certain people, we can be altruistic, or in love, we all will be. We all, i choose to believe, have a part of our minds that have the capacity to feel good, along with a desire to make other people feel good. Altruism can come naturally to all of us, its just a question of whether we choose to pay attention to it.

I have always emphasized that we always have a choice, in what we do and how we feel. Its one of those things that makes sense in many weaves of the fabric in the modern day life of a person. Altruism has a part here because it something that makes people feel good, and something we all have the capacity to do, if we choose to. We have a choice to make someone feel good for this purpose alone, but its just a question of whether we want to. In a society that throws at us how important our progress and us moving forward as individuals, as singular entities, rather than a group matters more than anything else, it can sometimes mean being a decent human being can be something people forget.

We often have issues with not paying attention to the smaller details in many situations throughout life, something you may have read about before if you’ve been around a while, if not, when you have time go and have a look.  An assessment of these finer details about how we could effectively combine the effects of modern society on how people live and altruistic behavior, perhaps we can find a modern day balance?

When we move to act selflessly, purely for the purpose of making someone’s life better, why can we not take anything away from the experience? When i try and do something good for someone and they seem to feel more positive after we have spoken, contemplated a situation and moved to deal with it, i often feel a very unique combination of ideas and feelings, not something i can really understand, yet something i find very comforting, almost joyful. Altruism is supposed to be acting selflessly, but if someone at the end of the situation feels better than how they did before, do any of the other details really matter? We are obsessed by holding all the cards in the deck, but as long as that one person feels good about their world, if we feel something good, something unique for behaving like this, how could this be a bad thing?

So i hope to put this out to the world. Why not feel good? Find the equilibrium in your life, to help people and do things that make people feel good, while not forgetting about yourself. You are the most important person in your life.

Be the change you wish to see, and choose to think better feeling thoughts

Viva la Evolution.


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The Most Important Person