The Limitations of Destiny

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

So. We were contemplating destiny and just in using that phrase lies a conundrum. As we said, there are many ideas surrounding destiny, whether its predetermined, based on “life” situation and whether we are capable of seeing our destiny through all the fog and rubbish modern life can sometimes try and throw at us. We have even considered that the idea of “destiny” has been resigned to philosophy books, something that has almost died in modern society, people sort of dismissing the idea as “excessively spiritual” as they go about their daily lives.

Hmm. I have, for many years been part of this group, because i always thought the idea of this “final goal” seemed questionable, and somewhat self limiting. It was, to me, the sort of “once i get to this point things will be better, because i have achieved” feeling. However there is always a question to be asked once we get there and this is not something with a simple answer. What now?

What now indeed. Well, as usual, this idea got me thinking.

Destiny, as an idea, is supposed to be a unique, singular idea that we are all striving towards. It feels as if its supposed to be on a higher level to the desires we crave so badly, seeming as if once we have achieved these desires, we should have the means to achieve what we feel to be our destiny. However, just writing this now its having an effect on me. That niggling thought that “fuck- this is a big deal” and it is. Of course its a big deal, its the point of your whole life. The idea that gets you up in the morning and has you raring to go the next day. Yet this is a big deal and could bring about change. Change is a bigger deal, more than anything in modern society these days, because we suck at dealing with it.

This to me, is where that fear comes from, that ignorance of that voice in the back of your head, screaming at you to follow your hopes, heart, dreams and desires, because that little comfortable box you love to sit in so much is at the end, going to be just a box. This box will have all your nice things, but just a peek out would allow us all to see how unbelievably outstanding the world can be.

So. Consider this.  I believe destiny, as an idea does exist, however it isn’t a singular thing, or idea you want to get to in life. Destiny, as many things do, lacks a universal definition because nobody really knows what it is. You will only know you are doing what you were “destined” to do, or be with someone you were “destined” to be with, because at the moment, at the particular moment in the crashing and stormy seas of modern life, that thing, that moment felt “right.”

Destiny isn’t some grand finale, not something that when we reach it everything will be perfect, exactly as we imagine it and as it should be, because life can always change. Nothing is as constant as we choose to believe it is, we hope that we have some level of consistency because its a collection of things we are familiar with and know how they “work.” This means we go no further back, yet more importantly no further forward. So, surely we could argue that destiny is a changing set of goals and desires that we are always working towards, no two really being the same. With the amount of stuff going on in our lives we form opinions, talk to new people, talk to our friends and talk to those we love about what we believe about life, love and everything in between. We spend all of our time doing these wonderful things, considering new and different ideas, trying new experiences, doing what we can to be the bigger energy, to fill what (lets be honest) can be a miserable world sometimes with some level of joy that means all you want to do is get up and crack a smile.

Why does a feeling like that have to be limited to one thing? Why not feel as if your destined to do everything you have ever wanted, do this thing this month, then next month there could be something else, there could be a new challenge, a new adventure you want to go on. Even in relationships, with that person you were “destined to be with.” Just because you are with them now doesn’t mean your destiny just stops. The weird, wonderful ideas, the desires and the destiny you have in mind now have someone along on the journey, moving towards what you feel to be your destiny, together. Regardless of what it is and whether its something you both want, or just you, because they will support you in reaching higher to get so much closer to what you feel your “destiny” should be.

Destiny is a collection of thoughts and feelings. We simply have to choose to see it. Then run for it with all we have.

Choose to think better feeling thoughts, and be a part of the Thinking Evolution.


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The Limitations of Destiny