The Guiding Hand of Hope

Good evening ladies and gentleman

So, I’m not going to lie to you people, i have been struggling with this one. The problems we have with categorizing everything, consumed by a peculiar form of fear that seems to dictate the way we live our lives and the decisions we are told how to make, not really resulting in us doing anything. We just sit there, scared to move forward as not knowing how things could go and how to deal with it, whether it might make us feel good, bad, or the worst option, nothing at all.

Maybe that’s the issue with our compulsive categorization . We like to be sedated, to not have to feel something that could affect us badly. So we sidestep the emotional, potentially irrational issues that we all find a way of living with throughout our daily lives for a more rational solution. This problem seems easier to deal with, where the path to the end seems much better lit, the guiding hand of fear playing its part. We spend times convinced the future will never be as good as the past, so we live in our memories, living in the library of our lives, convinced that what we “did” will never be as good as the things we “could” be doing. We don’t want to have to step back out to into the “unknown”-  we sit on this idea “it was terrifying last time- why would i want to do it again? Why would i want to put myself through feeling scared again?”

So we stick to what we know, spending our lives living some form of “punishment” for risking the comfortable familiarity so many of us have become accustomed to by living the life where a lot of the time, we may not feel anything at all.

We almost have an obsession for this punishment. I feel like sometimes we can look at the world in a particularly black and white way. We fear the world so ignore it because of the way it made us feel, even though the idea of feeling nothing seems so much worse. I know there will be times when you’re feeling so much, often all at the same time, where all you would want is to not feel anything at all, sitting there wondering “why am i resisting- why am i not just running away?” back to the categories, to what you know and what we often think is supposed to matter more than anything else. We obsess over what has happened in our lives, sitting with that brilliant moment that happened, convinced the way you felt then could never be better.

Why? If we were to liken life to a piece of music, we always listen from the beginning to the end. Its not something that you just something that you can skip to the end for , or keep playing that “really awesome” part in the middle again and again because “that’s a good part.” You listen to the amazing song, as it get to your awesome moment, you listen, you revel in the wonder it makes you feel and carry on.

What makes us carry on though? Not just in the music, but in everything. We spend so long fearful of life, keeping our categories neat and tidy, never straying. However, something remains in us, whether we notice it or not. I believe this more than anything else I’ve ever written. We live in a strange world, a world of instantaneous connection, where you can get anything your heart desires from a cab to a plane flight out to the Galapagos Islands with a few taps of your fingers. Regardless of how much we feel, how much we do that we don’t like, that we conclude we “must” do,  be it for the bettering of ourselves or the people closest to us, we still keep moving, pushing though barriers we would love to run from because that would be “easier.” This is what make human beings so fucking brilliant, because if we want to do something, its almost impossible to ignore.

Hope. This is what i think this feeling is. Hope. Something we so often ignore, pretending not to see and even feeling like its totally run out. Yet we still plough through. Hope. We spend time categorizing, hoping people remain in the same categories we do, but there is still that something, that unique little thought buried deep in the back of your mind, that critical difference that changes us from the cogs in the giant machine, to brilliantly minded, outstanding human beings.

That “dropping back to what we know” feeling that i’m sure at some point we have all felt wash over us, in a weird sort of blessed relief in a situation we know we would prefer not to be in. Be guided not by fear, but by hope. There is nothing to fear in life, except fear itself. The problem isn’t the situation, but the way you feel about the particular issue. So allow yourself to hope, tell yourself that hoping is alright, to carry on believing in what you want and what you desire.

Your opinions, morals, and what you want from your life will always be unique to you, it makes up who you are and nobody will ever have the right to try and change that. Why does this have to be so limiting? Furthermore just because this person believes something different, not identical to the way you see the world, why should this be a bad thing? We are all different, and all see the world in different ways, as we all want different things and want to impact the world in our own unique way. Just because something doesn’t match up, why not hope that something even better could come of it? Life is not supposed to easy, anything worth doing anyway, so i ask you this. Why not hope? Why not put yourself out there and see the world and the people in it for the brilliance it can be if it wants to be.  Hope proves we have the potential to see our world for everything we want it to be, regardless of it wont realistically fit those categories that sedate us.

So. To the guiding hand of hope. Take the limitations of the categories away, because without them, maybe your world can seem just a little better. See the world and choose to think about in a more positive way.

Then together, we could be part of a Thinking Evolution.

Until next time. DR

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