The Connections Puzzle

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

There are a lot of questions asked on Thinking Evolution, writing them down, putting them out there in some belief that i may be able to answer them with a little more clarity than the usual running them through my mind time and time again, to the point where you go a little mental trying to solve a puzzle you don’t really understand.

We are all alone, to an extent, as i mentioned before. However, its what you do with this that is the most relevant. There is a difference to being alone and feeling alone. To be alone you are comfortable, understand who you are, what you want to be and where you want to go with your life. To understand that in order to better understand yourself, sometimes its good being alone, it allows you to evaluate decisions and life choices. It can help you understand if something was wrong or felt wrong, why you felt as if something was wrong yet still decided to go ahead anyway and if you could, how you would take the event differently were it to repeat itself.

Feeling alone however, is much more complicated. Feeling alone is as if your suffocating in a world that you don’t want to see, something you would never show the outside as you present yourself so well, yet when the need to interact with people goes away and your back being alone, its all you think about. Human beings need to make connections with people, its just what we do, its what we base our understanding of life off. So if we have limited connections, then the world is going to appear much more negative, and we are going to feel much more cynical about the world. However if these connections only cause pain, why would we try?

We wouldn’t, because if the only feeling you associate to making connections is pain, then why would you try?

You try, because you want to feel something, to have that connections with someone, that unique thing that makes you feel so good. Its rare, properly connecting to another human being, with all the fake and by design bullshit going on in the world at the moment. Its as if some people (sometimes admittedly- me included) are out for something specific, be it money, a nice house, a big car, whatever. They miss the point that any of this junk will not make them feel good, or at least not for a prolonged period of time. The world is ran by instant gratification, because we know this is something that can make us feel good, at least in the short term, we deal with the fact we are alone and use that as the way of moving through it, knowing full well it isn’t what we truly want.

If we are around happy people, if being around them feels good, with them feeling good and comfortable around you, we would naturally want to spend more time with them and develop the connections we don’t really understand. Yet it seems illogical, to me at least to try and understand these connections because then they would lose their edge, the thing that makes them special. The world is run by logic and order, but sometimes its not that simple. If you live to try and understand and pick everything apart it will never mean anything to you, not really, no wonder or any joy, because nobody can or really wants to live their life to 1’s and 0’s, As much as we may want to be sometimes, we aren’t robots.

In order to solve the puzzle of making these elusive connections, these feelings that make us feel good, happy to just be in the moment rather than living forward, concentrating on how we can get this and that, hoping somehow when we get all of these things we might somehow feel a little better, be able to jump a little higher, have an impact that might be worth the effort. To make connections and truly get to know someone, you must first get to know yourself. We spend so long in modern society dampening down who we are, our wonderful individuality to fit in, live in the world the way we are told to, i feel like we lose who we are. To understand and solve your puzzle before trying to solve anything is,  this is the more important thing.

Know yourself, your hopes, your dreams, what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to achieve throughout all aspects of your life, because then you will understand how other people see themselves and what they want, therefore allowing you to make these wonderfully unique connections. Its not easy, it makes us all anxious just thinking about doing this, because we don’t understand it. Listen to yourself, your thoughts and what you truly desire. Not what you think the answer to your puzzle should be, but what you want it to be.

This, to me, is the first step. And its the first step that is the most important.

To choose to think better feeling thoughts, and be a part of the Thinking Evolution.

Yours, DR

If Gatsby can hope to maintain his connections- even if it is to a green light, there is always hope. To have any chance of solving anything, we all need a little hope.

The Connections Puzzle