The Beast Within

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

We have been considering for sometime the idea of freedom and what i means to people in modern day societies, be that a group of people or you as an individual. What does it mean? How do we persistently have this feeling? The limitations and constraints of modern life, with commitments, jobs, wages, bills, cars and constantly going day in day out doing the same thing, somehow expecting a different result from the last day, the last week or even the last year.

To those who feel like this, we have an odd curiosity, of how life could be if we were doing this, or feeling that, being with that person or owning that thing. The desire to be free from constraints. We left the food chain and developed a higher level of consciousness. Your “soul” if you please. Your soul is the most critical component that makes up who you are. You physical structure doesn’t define you, you can be 200 kilograms and fat, or at the gym 4 times a week, this doesn’t define you.  Your soul does- doing what you believe to be good, to be right, this is what matters, the belief you have a choice, the ability to sit back, make a decision, be it what food you want in a restaurant, starting a business or being in a relationship, you always have a choice. This is what freedom is. Choice.

There is almost a hierarchy to the idea of freedom, to goals. We can achieve a certain set of goals everyday, move through it, wake up and achieve the same set of goals, go to sleep and do it all again the next day. Yet we all have this bigger dream, this thing that will truly make us feel, what we consider at least, to be free. This thing, this passion we have burning inside us, that thing that wakes up your soul, stirs the nerves, the feeling in the pit of your stomach and giving you the power to push through these nerves and be so much more than you ever anticipated that you could be.

This “beast” awakens in us occasionally, and for those few moments, be they minutes or hours, we have no constraints, nothing in the modern day can limit us, its beautiful. We have an amazing amount of faith in ourselves, the ideas and desires we have seem closer and more possible than they ever have. Yet we don’t do anything with it, we sit there considering our gland plans, what we could do and what we are capable of, to then have that feeling dampened back down, with the “beast” put back in his cage.

We do this maybe because we all have some level of self-consciousness. The beast is within all of us, yet there is the little voice in the back of your mind. “you can’t do that” “you’re stupid” “are you insane? that will never work” then the beast is gone, we lose our commitment, we lose our sense that we can be free. You say your life is hard, i can’t do this, i can’t do that, i don’t have time. How much does this dream mean to you, if all you do is make excuses? Excuses sound best to the people making them, so stop it.

The only person caging the beast is you. The beast is the one giving you access to that higher dream, the feeling were you aren’t constrained by culture, by money, where you from or who you are. You should be celebrating your life, your individuality, the beauty of your ideas and who you want to be, not what you think you should be, doing what you’re supposed to do, making people happy and ignoring the voice, the talent you want so badly to nurture. Nothing else matters in this world other than who you are, where you going and who you want to be- so why not choose the good path?

Its a choice. Choose to think better feeling thoughts- choose to be free

Be your Thinking Evolution

Until next time. DR

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The Beast Within