Take snapshots and not oil paintings

Good evening ladies and gentleman,

Upon recently considering the special moments, the times were you could be there, doing something for an hour and it could¬†feel like a whole week, compared to the general “normal life” where months can flash by, without anything really happening. It’a odd in a way, because we don’t really notice, we just sort of sit there, wondering what happened to the last six months. Its truly a dreadful feeling, sitting there thinking “what have i done these past six months?”

Nothing. If not nothing for some reason we can’t seem to find anything positive. We always seem to be able to list off bad things, however big or small, but somehow the positive things seemed to be glazed over, ignored. Why do we ignore them? These are such wonderful moments, yet we feel so nervous just to even quantify them?

We find these moments sometimes, yet for some reason in modern society struggle to see them only for what they are, not being able to live for that moment, to be there, present and so fucking happy with how things were at that moment. We seem to have a need to quantify it, try and examine the event and all the details that went with it in some hope we might be able to recreate it in the future.  This is really sad.

We are so scared of not being able to feel good, in the society we feel the need to be constantly running through life not really having time to feel good or bad about anything. The net result of this is always misery, because you take away a feeling and you start to lose the fundamentals of who you are. So we have experienced something good, but we can’t let it go, because we aren’t sure when we are going to be able to feel this amazing again.

An example would be a Halloween house party during university, currently around three years ago. We were all dressed up moving between a house and a few bars. While yes we did drink a lot, it was probably the least relevant thing that happened that night. We were jumping around, dancing, listening to amazing music (with me apparently trying to take my clothes off at one point) Even that does’t matter, because most of all, i didn’t care about anything than having a good time and feeling good. Those 8 hours made up the greatest party i have ever been to, simply because the only thing we cared about was feeling good.

Every year after that we tried to recreate the utterly wonderful brilliance of that night and we never came close. Throughout all of October it would build up, all for a crashing crescendo a few days later.”It was good- but it wasn’t as good as that year.” It felt artificial, like we were trying to create something we didn’t really understand.

We clung to that for three years, trying to create an environment where we hoped these wonderful moments would re-emerge. So how do we have that feeling? How do we have it- and more importantly keep it? Believe.

Of all the things you have ever read, here there and everywhere up to now, this is so important. You have to believe that the feeling will come, that working to feel good will not be without battles and walls to climb that could potentially lead to misery ( key word there is POTENTIALLY) but it could make for those wonderful, joyful moments we desire.

Stop running for ten minutes, and think, just think.

What do you like? Where do you like to go? What do you love about yourself? What do you love about other people? Answer these questions and chase the ideas like your life depends on them, because you can have all the money in the world, but if you take away your ability to feel good (or bad) because there is no “time” or you don’t want to have to deal with feeling when you start asking questions like “can i handle this?” we lose a critical part of who we are, a feeling, a desire to keep living for those wonderful moments, be they minutes, hours or days long.

We should all try and have that “Halloween party” feeling. Stop trying to recreate things and go out and find new things! Jump higher, try new things, be with people who you like being with, who are just as happy and wonderful, be the bigger energy for people to bounce off. We only get one chance at this life so why waste it being scared?

Choose to think better feeling thoughts, ans surely these moments will come. But you have to believe.

Until next time people- and remember, be happy. DR

“Life is supposed to be about snapshots, not about oil paintings. Be part of the moment, be glad you were fucking there, then move on and find new moments.” Frank Turner.

Something different- this music felt relevant. DR

Take snapshots & not oil paintings

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