Sucker for Pain

Good evening ladies and gentleman.

So…Escapism. Running away from things and events rather than dealing with them head on. We have a thing, especially in modern society, about not being surprised. I’m not sure if this is a recent thing or just something that’s always been there,  considering how predictive society has become these days. Ask anyone and i’d be confident they hate surprises, but only when they stop and think about previous “surprises” and the emotions that may have unsettled them somehow. Put the same person in a position where they are what is considered “surprised,” there is a considerably different result. The person will go with the surprise, with the “flow” if you will. This is because they couldn’t stop to think, they didn’t get chance to find their escape route and run back to somewhere more familiar.

Why do we want to escape? Where are we running to? Do we enjoy running away, or do we hate escaping? Admittedly, i am asking more questions than I’m answering. Yet, when having dinner with some friends , i had a light bulb form of idea. The idea of doing something unexpected, missing something that meant you couldn’t have seen the issue coming, meaning you couldn’t keep ahead of your situation and make the most of avoiding and escaping anything that would bother you and is something I feel we are all aware of, and is obviously would be something (logic dictates) wanting to avoid.

However, i think we like escaping. We like having to run away. We are suckers for that feeling, that horrible feeling in your gut when you don’t know whats going to happen, meaning you can take part in the process of eliminating the problem which could make a mess of our perfect little world. Everyone has their own way of doing this, regardless of whether you do it consciously or not. They are my fail safes. The last resorts, if you will.

I hate my fail safes. Yet i know i would struggle without them. The desire to need to use them are outstanding, because then something worth happening is going on. To get the impression that we have to take action, whether we see it as a good or bad thing is something we enjoy, because we can’t deal with doing nothing. I will always believe boredom is the single worst thing to experience in this world, so its almost as if its a relief when we need to do something. We are suckers for pain, i think, because pain is familiar, compared to joy and happiness. We know pain, its an enemy everyone has encountered at some point in their lives, some of you may be right now. We convince ourselves that the event or idea would never come to fruition, “that idea wouldn’t produce anything” or ” they would never see me like i do them.” Regardless of what the problem is, we all have ways of dealing with that feeling, settling your stomach and dealing with what, initially at least feels like a dreadful thing.

To do something we do not understand, or something we aren’t totally intellectually up to date on is something, i feel in modern society we struggle to do. We are constantly being told to look at this new website,  understand this new thing, get in on this trend, that trend, buy these new type of shoes, or this new type of car. ” this will revolutionize the world!” “this will be the next big thing!” we convince ourselves that these things, these adverts for things providing nothing more than instant gratification are something worth the effort. We believe if we have these things we might not go back to the familiar as easily, then maybe something will be different. All this really is based on just pretending, convinced “we are supposed to be this way.”

These interesting things are those opportunities, something I think a lot of people (myself very much included) would rather have that pain, because we know that it will go away, and we will crack on regardless. We are suckers for the pain because something is happening, but not supposedly knowledgeable enough to do anything about it.

How did the world end up so confusing? It seemed much simpler once upon a time…

This isn’t over. We cannot leave it like this people.

Until next time. DR

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Sucker for Pain