Standing Up to Life

Good evening ladies and gentleman.

So, i felt like this was something that couldn’t really be ignored, because it says a lot about the utter brilliance of the human spirit. I found myself watching the Stand Up to Cancer television show the other week on whatever channel it was (if you’re reading this blankly wondering what i’m on about its like a telethon to raise money sort of gig) with a number of celebrities and cameo TV shows to raise money. It was the usual amalgamation of odd television, the sort of thing that you wouldn’t notice unless you weren’t looking for celebrities in it. (We have already covered how i feel about celebrities, but that’s far from the point i’m trying to make here)

I’m not looking to sell you anything, i’m not trying to sell you on the idea of donating to stand up to cancer. We of course need to find the cure to cancer and if you feel like you could donate you totally should, but the whole selling it on us can be really irritating. It can often feel like some adverts are using terrible illnesses and situations and using them as a carrier for selling stuff and pushing guilt on us- because “Oi listen there are people having it worse than you!”

Yet we mostly already know this. Its almost like pointing out the blindly obvious. Cancer is a terrible unrelenting thing, something we need to do all we can to deal with and remove from existence permanently, but what i want to concentrate on is the people who have cancer, among other life affecting issues. I love these people, they genuinely make me smile even in my darkest moments.

They have cancer. They are fully immersed in this fact, a life altering thing that may indeed shorten their lives, even in cases when they’re lives haven’t been all that long to start with. ┬áIts not fair and upon their diagnosis, it would be completely understandable to just give up, breakdown and say “whats the point?- my path has just hit some major roadworks i may never see the other side of.”

I can’t claim to know anything about having cancer, or know anyone suffering with it. I have always believed that I would just sit confused by the limits that life has just placed on me, almost letting it take over, this “huge thing.” However, from what i have seen this is far from what is done. These wonderful people choose to see their cancer not as a life limitation, to the point where they seem uninterested in their diagnosis, like it shouldn’t really hold any value in their life. Cancer isn’t a definition of who they are, regardless of how old they are, where they live or what they have done with their lives. In the face of outstanding adversity, they choose to continue, to live their lives in the best way they can, regardless of how long they have left. They stand up against something that should be dragging them down so much. These brilliantly powerful people are proof when the odds are stacked against you, people have the capacity to not be defined by what has happened, or what is going to happen, interested only in what is happening now.

I don’t want to tell you anything, or make any grand point about life. I just wanted to shout out to these amazing people striving forward when it would be perfectly understandable to give up. I revolve around many different ideas a lot of the time, but i think these outstanding people do that all by themselves. So here’s to you, the wonderful, brilliantly powerful people who choose to not be defined by something truly awful, where it would be so easy just to give up, to sit there and wait to die, your untimely end because “you didn’t get the chance to do so much.” Living for the moments, the brilliance of what is happening right now, being with brilliant people, family and friends you love so fucking much, your so happy to just be with them.

So what do i say? Bravo, your spirit and perseverance should be revered at. It doesn’t matter how you suffer, its how you choose to react to it can make or break you. Our time on this earth is limited, yet we always want more. A time limited lifestyle can make you live for the moments, doing those things you always imagined doing, but never expected to. So rock on you brilliant people.

Continue to choose your thoughts, to feel positive and be…you.

For this is truly a Thinking Evolution.

Yours truly, DR.

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