Purpose- Destiny?

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So we were considering desire for a while, and the relationship that these desires have with despair. The despair which can feel like almost a lack of control, forced into a world where we are told we are “supposed” to live a certain way, leaving us powerless to get to our desires, walls being built around walls without us being able to see a way through to out desires, to what we feel is our destiny.

This point we made previously, as usual, got me thinking. There are some ideas in society about destiny- through TV shows and random ideas and events seem to act as if its predetermined thing. It’s as if, somehow we are all supposed to be born with a particular destiny and we do what we can and make life decisions based around a bigger goal, a thing that we were “destined” to do.

Either way I don’t feel like I’m explaining this particularly well. So take the example of a partner, and a developing relationship. So you feel like this and that, that’s not really the point. You may have been in relationships before, and you may be in them again. Nonetheless at that moment, there is not other feeling than being with this person, it feels wonderful, a feeling like no other. Its as if you were “destined” to be together, in that moment, not worried about anything or anyone else.

This line in particular make for consideration against the generic definitions for what “destiny” is supposed to be. As a lot of things, i feel like this is very self limiting, that we are aiming to do this or that and this is the only thing i ever want to do, because i feel like i’m “destined” to do it. It really doesn’t seem that simple, its as if we only really scratching the surface on something that is extremely complex.

Destiny and purpose could be argued as remarkably similar ideas, based in that we feel we are destined to live to a certain purpose, to do something or be with someone. We feel that we should work to this purpose, hopefully then reaching what we feel to be is our destiny. There somehow, especially in society these days, seems to be something missing to this ideology.

The way we live means we are comfortable with how things are, how we can go to out shiny car, go and eat in the same restaurant because we know the food is good, followed by us going to that job we were at yesterday making more money to go and do the same thing we did yesterday and the day before that. This is usually intertwined with two weeks or so a year going on holiday somewhere familiar enough to not unsettle you in your little zone, where you will go and try to relax, ignoring the fact that mentally nothing much has changed, as simply changing your location isn’t going to do shit if you don’t like the way your living your life.

The fact we are unsettled by the way we are living our lives isn’t actually the major issue here, its the fact we choose to ignore our “destiny” whatever that means to us as individuals, because we are so worried about upsetting the “apple cart” and therefore leading to an unsettled feeling that we aren’t in control of our destiny.

So we end up ignoring it altogether, deluding ourselves into a false sense of security, modifying what we feel our life’s purpose is supposed to be so it fits our idyllic little lifestyle where nothing bad happens, but we don’t feel good either because we ignore that voice in the back of our minds, the one who explains who you are and what you want to be, so we tell him to “go away and stop being stupid.”

How do you feel about destiny? Do you think its related to purpose? Is it predetermined? Does it exist at all?

Do you think we ignore it- to limit risk?

Its an interesting one…


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Purpose- Destiny?