Power- what is it?

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

These days we feel like everything is moving at 900 miles an hour, running around constantly trying to progress, always working to get more and more, do more and more things, sometimes forgetting to stand still and take a look at how beautifully wonderful things can sometimes be, the fact the we are truly powerful so we can do and think as we please, we have always had that ability to choose.

However these days its never really that simple. When we were 13 or 14 years old, we developed a deep, driven desire to be independent, to do and think however we please. We would work for this, run towards it with everything we have, believing that its this power that will make us feel free. However as life continues its almost as if we are thrown into the world and shouted “good luck”

So we get a job, and a conventional car and go to this job 5 days a week, kidding ourselves almost that we have all the power we hoped to get when we were 14. The power seems to come from choice, and the more we fall into this comfortable habit, its as if we actively choose to ignore the fact we have given the power away to someone, a boss, a manager, a partner, or even to a thing, a monthly wage bill for instance. We do this because of the “eventually.” Eventually i will be able to quit, eventually ill be able to take back the power i don’t have, but desire so badly.

However, we become convinced after a while the world is the way it is because this is the way its supposed to be, we’re supposed to do this and that, to get a job and move up in a world that doesn’t overly interest me, get a nicer car and a nicer house because then it might be happier, feel more powerful because i look so much better than people because i have so much more money. This way of thinking can make us so negative, leave us so down and out it gets harder and harder to see the way out. Why does it seem harder? Because the more we do what we think we are supposed to, we become less interested in taking back the power, because we feel like we don’t deserve it and have no way of changing things to be the way we want them.

We know what we want, and we know how to move towards it, but whats the use anyway? It won’t work, or it will work and i wont be able to handle it, and i will inevitably end up powerless doing the same thing, so why should i bother anyway? We are so obsessed by taking back the power of life when we are a child, but we lose sight of that. We come so obsessed by what modern society deludes us into believing is power, as what does money really do?

Admittedly, money has the ability to give you more things, cars, houses, people etc. We are led to believe these people are friends with us, but in reality these people are only friends with your money. So with money comes power? This is debatable because having the power you desire seems related to feeling free to do and think as you please, but being driven by more money isn’t really power.

The late great legend of boxing Muhammad Ali was a true inspiration of mental power and prowess, knowing that sometimes in the midst of darkness and defeat, understand the power is only in your mind, its up to you to do as you choose and be the powerful person you desire to be, in not only taking the power, but keeping it.

This is a tribute to him.

Choose to think better feeling thoughts, and choose to feel good, as he did.

How do you see power? Can we lose this power- how do we get it back?

Be a part of the Thinking Evolution.

Until next time. DR

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Power- What is it?