New Years Resolutions- Change?

Good evening ladies and gentleman

So. We find ourselves in the light of a new dawn. 2018. A new year, for new challenges to overcome, problems and puzzles to question and a vast quality of beautiful brilliance to bask in, hopefully similar to what i spring will bring (please go away cold.)  I find myself at a disadvantage, with my work dwindling the last few months, its almost been like my brain has been grinding to a halt, almost like I’ve been struggling to keep up with myself. Its a rather strange sensation but ideas flow from me often like wildfire spreading across a vast plain,coming up with ideas that could be interesting and beautiful, how we are effected by certain situations, how words can be so powerful and how violence can do so much to destroy: how in the depths of misery or in the highest of joys there is a piece of music created anywhere in the last 500 years or so that could effectively describe how you are feeling, some with so many words each like taking a punch in the gut from Anthony Joshua and others that can make you feel so much without even saying a word.

The natural world is powerfully beautiful place, vistas and places capable of taking even the most cold hearted souls breath away. There is no doubt something so utterly naturally brilliantly beautiful about the world that could inspire change in anyone to move forward throughout their lives in this new year, to a point. That point being the thing in this universe far more evolutionary than any form of natural beauty could ever bestow upon us.

That “thing”- us.

My point being far more than any natural beauty could provide us, no matter how provocative, we are always going to take it to that next level and bring about that change, no matter how evolutionary or revolutionary it might be. We, as the spiritual, powerful, intuition following, living a life of often heart wrenching hope and (whether we like to admit to it or not) sometimes emotionally dramatic people has given society more creative wander and brilliance than can be measured, seen or really even understood. We, as people, are incredible and are so much more powerful than we will ever believe ourselves to be. All we have to do is see it. Its at this point i find something taxing on my already mentally stretched mind, in particular during the first few weeks of a new year.




I’m not one to assume, as we all know, but in the broadest way i can think to write it, there are what seems like an endless amount of blog posts, Facebook updates, Tweets and stories as we are given valuable insight to someone who i suspect may have written the same thing last year and the year before it and the year before that about what they’re thinking. Even I have been guilty of being so vague- I know i’ve done it, but as i think, i don’t see why a new year, or a resolution for the “new year” is something relevant, for as the year starts anew, why would we suddenly find motivation as the Earth restarts its revolution around the Sun. I’ve always hated them, “New Years Resolutions,” all generally shallow, meaningless stuff we do in some strange belief it will bring a wave of change rolling through life, like its the key to their whole world changing, like going to the gym once or twice before you decide this “change” isn’t for you or trying to cut out a certain food until you “forgot.”

Now i’m clearly being obtuse in that I can’t say all New Year’s Resolutions are as broad and singular at the same time as some of these. What i do find confusing is why this change comes about, just because the year has changed. Nothing really has changed, nothing more than the number at the end of the date, yet we all find ourselves thinking, that things will appear different, or perhaps the more appropriate term less confusing as the festivities of December draw to a close and January has poked its head through the celebration of the new year.

Its almost as if we are going to be able to bring about a dramatic change in ourselves at the beginning of the year, then often by the first week we are questioning the sanity of that decision, generally followed by a fear of inevitable failure and wishing you had never made such a drastically unintelligent decision to make this change in the second week and by the third week most of us have gone back to the way we were before. No more change, no more fear- job done.

“I tried, and that’s what counts.” No, not exactly. If you, me or anyone, start something with the expectation it will go wrong, that you will screw it up or somehow you won’t be able to see it through to the other side, chances are you will never make it. At this point i suspect you find yourself in the vat of memories you would like to avoid, memories of what “could have been.”

As i write to you know, i have so many of those memories and i refuse to make anymore, for the truth is far simpler than i could probably ever write it…

New Year’s Resolutions are odd, strange ideologies that 9 times out of 10 will lead to disappointment. The change in your life, this is the key. Time, in this argument is meaningless, it doesn’t take time to make a decision, to think about something, to do some good or to just make a change that could have a ripple effect across your entire life. This is where the beauty I’ve been talking about comes from. It is just a moment, a second so fleeting you can’t see it when its gone, but when you were there it’s fucking beautiful.

There’s your resolution. Choose to believe in these moments and appreciate the beauty in your world. It doesn’t matter where you are or what your doing, but to choose to see yourself in a different light, to decide that you can do something and there is nothing and nobody that will be able to stop you- that’s true beauty, that’s true power and when all is said and done.

That is true change. So be the change you wish to be- for you.

Yours, with love as always,

DR x