Never stop Believing.

Good evening ladies and gentleman

So we have been considering at great length the ideas and behaviors behind insecurities and how they can affect us in daily life. This, in tandem with the addition of the “quirks” of modern society leaves us with a particularly complex topic, something that cannot be answered through a simple idea, singular thought process or a “sticking plaster,” as whether we like it or not, and as much we would prefer to be relatively simple beings, we can be particularly complex.

How do we continue to deal with this though? We have begun the process, the cogs have started to turn. However, we have to maintain momentum, almost like we need a constant stream of energy to keep working out these issues, to jump higher and reach those dreams and desires that are so wonderful that could make us feel so much, if we allowed it.  What is this momentum? How do we maintain it?

This momentum, i think, is hope. Hope, in the process of trying to overcome these insecurities seems, to me to be a hugely vital part in the process of growing and developing into the person you want to be (emphasis on the “you”) rather than spending your life doing what you were supposed to, get this job, stay and move up, meet someone meets the appropriate standards of society, have children, retire and wait to die. We shouldn’t be taking such steps in life as having children because its the “right” thing to do, surely instead, it should be because we want to?

This way the world is, how we delude ourselves that we always have time, we can “do it later” or “don’t worry- i’ll start next week” has made us all quite lackadaisical in our approach to life, which is unfortunate because this, in my opinion is what leaves us in this state. We allow people and things to rule our opinions and what we are supposed to want, who we are supposed to be, the latest things being pushed should be our aim, because then we will feel achieved, like all the time we spent doing something that means nothing to us will be met with a moment of gratification, only to soon land back in the same pit, the same hell hounds of insecurity greeting us.

How do we stop this happening? How do we deal with the problems that modern society and all its “quirks” can throw at us and become that person, the bigger energy who not only wants, but actively chooses to feel good, goes to do those things that could effect their comfortable existence, to learn more about their world, because the changes that may come about, could revolutionize the person we are, bringing us ever close to the person we want to be.

Insecurities are based on what other people think of us, and how the world tells us that we are “supposed” to be. We only get one chance at life, so why, WHY do we feel the need to waste time on what other people think because who cares how the world is supposed to be? We are the ones who want to jump higher, achieve those dreams that nobody else thought we could, be that person that 5 years ago you would have been looking up to, only then to work harder, to jump higher and feel so dam magnificent you wake up with a smile, jumping to action. Look further from ideas and events and feeling something for someone, a desire you can’t explain, but the way it makes you feel is like nothing else you’ve ever felt before or probably ever again. The idea of someone mattering to you on a more personal level than you ever thought you could experience is truly a rare experience in a world that doesn’t often appreciate how utterly beautiful the simpler pleasures of life can be.

The key is to never stop believing. I would be screaming that at you through your speakers right now if i could. It only matters what people think, or what the world says is “supposed” to be if you let it matter. This way you can see, how wonderfully individual you are and because of this, you feel like nobody else ever will, you touch like nobody ever will, you see the world in your own wonderfully unique way. because you are unique! This can often be the most difficult thing for us to deal with, but couldn’t be more true. If you allow the version of yourself, that wonderfully unique person who i genuinely believe lives just beneath the surface of all of us out , then I feel as if life would flow much better, for all of us. Basing your life on what you feel is good, not things, not what poisonous, materialistic people think and do, or the way we are told we are supposed to be seems to just cause us to be scared of feeling anything.

The bottom line is nobody has the right to tell you how to live your life. You live your life the way you choose to. That is your privilege and yours alone.

You have to never. stop. believing.

This way we can choose to think better feeling thoughts and be a part of the Thinking Evolution.

Yours truthfully, DR.

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never stop believing

Never Stop believing