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First of all an apology for the lack of activity on Thinking Evolution for what has been about a week, certain circumstances including a lack of internet made it impossible to write.

Nonetheless, let us continue. Previously, we talked about the idea that we have a habit in modern life to run around at 900 miles an hours, get here and there, do as much as we can in as little time as possible in order to prolong a life that it is impossible to know the end of. We are always in a rush, sometimes to the point where we don’t stop to enjoy the things we are doing or the company of the people we are with, enjoying simply the beauty of the moment.

The way we are supposed to live our lives can make us feel like we are losing so much time, how doing the same thing every day can make time feel so fast, and all of a sudden we’ve lost a month, six months or even a year in what feels like no time at all. Yet there are moments, outstandingly wonderful days that can feel like a whole week.

These are wonderful, beautiful moments. These should be the moments that define our personality, shape us as people and move us towards the people we imagine we want to be. The times when you take a day off normal life, maybe go see a friend and do something you would consider outside the usual comfort zone, because you never know, it could be something. You’re with your friends, your family, or even on your own, and generally its these moments that give us a wonderful sense of elation, a feeling of happiness. Its like all of the stuff, the rubbish we feel like we have to deal with in everyday life doesn’t matter, we have no real stress, because all that matters is what is happening and the feelings you have at that moment, and that moment alone.

So it stands to reason we live for these moments, as they feel good (obviously.) However when we have found something, an event or time spent with a particular person or people that can illicit these good feelings, in modern society we seem to spend a lot of time trying to recreate them using similar events, with similar people, thinking the wonderful initial novelty that had been wonderful moment in our lives, something that arguably made us happy, could be recreated in what feels like a much more artificial way.

We are extremely confident in this event and the people we were with the first time. That first moment where we felt so good before the event, for some reason thinking “it was amazing last time, stands to reason it should be again.”

Yet it never does. Never can you illicit those same feelings that you had the first time, and you could argue its almost depressing. “dam- what do i do now?” ┬áIt doesn’t make sense why it doesn’t feel good, because after the first time we feel like it should. This feeling can potentially lead us to avoid doing things that make us feel anything, doing something matters, because while we might get the initial “high”- we know about the low that comes afterwards.

Why do we do this? try to recreate how special things were in a hope we can feel like that again- how do we have these moments without that artificial edge?

Difficult- because its almost as if we don’t realize we do it…

Until next time. DR

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