Maintain your Resolve

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

Recently considering this idea that we are always trying so hard to be liked and for our opinions to be understood and agreed with as fact. Then what’s worse if someone disagrees with us, or sees us as wrong because they have a different opinion, then we end up even more divisive and hate filled, which after a small amount of time you lose more and more people and experiences that matter. Then one of two things will generally happen. You will change, modify and hide your opinions in order to make people happy, so you can avoid feeling bad and avoid feeling alone, or you will be alone watching from a distance, disconnected from the world and the people in it, wondering whether anything you do will make a relevant impact.

This confusion, this difficulty, as we said before creates the “not feeling it” feeling. It seems like its related to fear, the loss of comfort and understanding, to the extent you will give up something that you love, a dream you’ve imagined every day when you woke up, because of a voice. I truly believe we all have this voice- the “what the hell are you doing? This won’t work, all you’re going to do is lose people, this are good at the moment.” It seems like the ultimate “if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it” mentality.

Surely that’s part of the problem? If you don’t like something or someone’s way of thinking, why would you sit there and pretend to agree with them, why would you actively not do something you have always wanted to do,  just not to break a friendship or relationship you have had for however long, be it a week, a month, a year, or freaking 20 years? Not to break a way of life you know, and are comfortable with. If you don’t like something, but it works- wheres the logic in still doing it? “It doesn’t matter that they think like this, they’re my friend, this process works,” so you end up believing you have to get over it and deal with the fact “this is the way my world is now” You could be with so many people, but in truth, its as if your more alone.

We delude ourselves in modern society we need to keep people around us in order to be happy, even if these people are manipulative to the point where you become comfortable doing the same thing, with the same people day in day out. You worry about your lack of impact? This world is waiting for you to fall into ordinary, to give up on a life you have imagined for yourself everyday.

Why? WHY? When you go to consider something that you believe, or something you want to do, ask yourself that question. Why are you doing this- why are you thinking this? If you’re doing this for the purpose of other people, at the sacrifice of your own thoughts, personality and happiness, if you’re giving up the fundamentals of who you are, then why are you doing it?

Be driven to be that person you want to be, not what your supposed to be, because without this we are almost sure to fall, to feel like nothing will work, difference is we may find it so much harder to get back up. You have to believe in why your doing something because if you fall, your drive will get you back up. Not just to make people feel like you so similar to them, but because you want to, because it could make you feel good, because its something you want to achieve, not something your supposed to achieve, because this is the way the world is supposed to be. We fall because the world is almost wants us to- because then we fall into line like everybody else.

A few years ago Ashton Kutcher in a speech quoted Steve Jobs saying:-

” when you grow up we tend to get told the world is the way it is, and your life is to live your life in the world…. everything around you that you call life was made of people no smarter than you”

I truly believe that nobody wants to be average. Everybody has a dream, a belief, a hope that one day their world will be the way they’ve always imagined it to be. We all have goals, and it should be them bad moments, the moments we fall to make us try harder, to jump higher, so we don’t fall. Why do we fall? So we can learn how to get back up, and keep driving towards the dreams, the hopes we have so much desire for. You can give up and be average, be more concerned about the beliefs other people have in you, rather than how you feel about yourself, but how is that going to make you feel- is it going to make you feel anything at all?

You are the most important person in your life. While understanding and having empathy for other people in the world is a fundamental part of being a good and healthy person, you have to be concerned for yourself. Build yourself up to that next level and if these people can’t see it, then you don’t need them. These average people are existing in the world, doing what they have to and shuffling off their way, then that’s their choice, neither you or i can change that, because in the end that is all life is about. Choice. Your resolve is you choosing to not give up.

Choose to maintain your resolve. To feel better feeling thoughts

Viva la evolution people

Until next time. DR

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Maintain your resolve