Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

The latest statistic i could find for the population of the entire world was 7,125,000,000 people (as of 2013).

Just sit there and take that number in for a second. In the grand scale of it all that’s an impossible thing to even try and imagine, because our lives are dictated by very few people and often very few places. Consider this for scale, try and remember every person you have ever met, all the friends you have, friends you have lost, people you have loved and missed as they have come and gone. Years ending up as nothing more than snapshots, flickers of experiences and joys of a past life. This is life to us, as we enjoy the memories of our past, while living for what today has to bring in those wonderful, electric moments that could make us feel outstanding.

Yet, if we compare this to the world and the billions of people living in it, we have barely scratched the surface, for experiences, for people, places or adventures we are, or could be having. This whole thing on “missing out” seems to be intertwined into many ideas and places throughout modern society, where you can’t seem to open a search engine or even walk through a shopping centre without being approached to do paint-balling, go here or there, buy this new thing, buy this car or “would you like to try…” etc. etc.

More than things and experiences, this need to be everything and do everything can be with people to. You have friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and even just “people you know.” You may even have best friends, as do I, they are lunatics and i love them dearly, but in the scale of the population of the world,  we seem to sometimes feel like we are missing out, feeling like (as far as we know) someone we walked past on the way to work this morning could have been insanely important part of our lives, if we had “just done this” or “said that,” regardless of how many outstanding relationships we already have.

The point is we seem to have developed a strange familiarity with excess, sure that when we have it all, those desires that we strive for everyday, it will give us almost a sense of euphoric relief. While we obsess in this, working to get this and that, to do and get “everything” as soon as possible, it can seem so exhausting. This emotional exhaustion that can take hold when we try to keep at it, surging forward on this singular path can make us fragile, subsequently making us vulnerable to the voice inside you’re head, that voice that’s convinced you will never make it- so why bother even trying?

The biggest thing we don’t seem to realize, almost the catalyst to that voice getting out, is that we suck at multi-tasking (to put it lightly). Not in the sense of putting the kettle on at the same time as doing the dishes, but when “trying to sort life out” or things related. We all (especially me) have an issue where we will try and do everything at the same time, with the only inevitable result being we do a lot of things at the same time…badly. Nonetheless i feel like we know that doing a collection of small tasks would mean for more success and would bring us closer to that illustrious goal, yet avoid this strategy. This all seems to stem from a natural time paranoia, a belief throughout the world that we will never have enough time.

This in turn leads to thinking, being distracted by the powerful force of disbelief. As i mentioned you and I are only two of over seven billion people, which is an amazing thing to behold but can, when cast in the wrong light can make us consider our insignificance in this world. We all to hope to make an impact, to be able to do something that moves the world forward, yet sometimes it can feel as if the world is holding us back. It sometimes feels as if you’re drowning, slowly becoming overcome by the weight of everything, struggling to stay motivated  and to keep pushing. We see the world moving, people doing amazing things, moving their worlds forward, making us almost jealous of their achievements, as we sit there overwhelmed, not sure what we should be doing or where we should be going.

So we end up almost overcome by this strange sense of loss, like we don’t really have a direction. We are rooted to the spot in a world that will forever continue to spin, where people will continue to do what they do and the population of the world will still increase. However, it sometimes can feel as if we are stood still in this world, lost in a sea of things and people, experiences that we hope to one day be a part of, but as we imagine how brilliant it could be, its bludgeoned by reality, leaving us convinced that it will never happen.

Maybe its an anxiety. We can often feel lost, left behind by a forever changing world because we didn’t see something coming- because we “didn’t get the memo.” We are scared of losing, scared of something not coming out the way we were expecting it to. We imagine how we want things to be, who we want to be with and what we would have, but we are scared, paranoid of how we might feel if we try and find our way back to the light, no matter how much we dislike the dark.

Do you ever feel lost? What do you think it is? How do we drag things back to the way we want them to be?

Its amazingly complex, and a really odd thing to feel.

Yours, DR.

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