Life Domination

Good evening ladies and gentleman

So. I won’t lie to you. Its very easy to feel lost, to fall so far away from the rest of the world, from your friends and family. Its as if your sat on a park bench, crowds and crowds of people walking by, yet none of them can see you. You feel like you could scream so loud that mountains could fall, just so somebody could see you, could “find” you. We think this could solve it all, that feeling where we don’t really mean anything, where we just sit in despair, negative and miserable about how “we just can’t keep going.” This despair is something i am familiar with, like hanging out with an old friend.

Its an endless cycle, this feeling of being “lost” in a sea of mediocrity. One moment we want these things, these feelings that make us feel wonderful, to be a part of those brilliant moments that you sure as hell can’t explain, but almost don’t want to because you are feeling so good as the positive energy flows through every fiber of your being. Yet the next moment, its all gone. We could be striving to “find ourselves,” to find our way back, to the choices and ideas we love among the random peculiarities modern society.

In one moment, you could be pushing forward, through the rain and snow, through the darkness, trying with all your might to find the fabled light at the end of the tunnel and the next moment, something goes wrong. Your carefully laid plans for “life domination” seem obliterated, all the hard work and movement towards that fabled brilliance where life would be as it should has never seemed further away.

I got thinking though, about this light that we are running towards. Do we really know what it is- and how it could make us feel? I don’t think we do.

I can’t help considering the problems we have in the current state that life is in revolves around the fact we live to these supposed “limitations” of the modern world. This is something which, to me gives us a very sensitive imagination. Maybe sensitive is the wrong word, maybe “vivid” would be better. Imaginations gives us an escape from being lost, because it makes you feel good, as if nothing else other than this ultimate “life domination” will do. We cling to this, because we need it. Our modern world of jobs that just don’t interest us, working from monthly payslip to payslip, paying bills on electricity, gas, for cars and clothes we think bring us satisfaction, for it to only be not quite as good as we hoped. It doesn’t really do it for us.  Throughout all of this consumerism and general warped modern day ideology that “richest is best,” the way we, as wonderfully unique individuals, imagine our ultimate “life domination” remains, bloodied, bruised and burnt, but ultimately still there.

Throughout this hope, this intention of dominating life,  taking back what is rightfully ours, to control and dictate the flow of our lives the way we see fit, we find ourselves rather pessimistic. We have particularly low expectations of the world we put around us because it will never seem right, because it will never make it to those dizzy heights of “life domination.”

So we press on, constantly reminiscing about those moments where we came so close, as if we grabbed it by the fingertips, for it only to slip away. Nobody believes in the world anymore, regardless of how much we imagine the brilliance of “life domination.” However i pose to you a question, with an answer we dare not consider as we risk not knowing what will happen and not knowing how to overcome the feeling with the “lub dub” of a single heartbeat.

How do you know? HOW DO YOU KNOW!!? Since i started this whole writing thing i have learnt something remarkable. We will never stop learning, nor should we ever want to.  We spend spend so much of our time living an intentionally limited existence because we have no faith life could make us feel good, because it can’t do what the imagination of “life domination” can, in an instant, with no work or effort. We are sure its so far away from that ideal, we will never be able to get it there. This applies through work we do, friends we have, experiences we desire and the love we seem to long for.

We can never stop learning, yet we have no interest in giving ourselves the opportunity. We live in a world where everything and everyone is instantaneously the way it should be, the way we expect it to be. So we see something that isn’t quite there, that may require work as a “failure,” in the fact it will not give us the “ultimate” feeling. So i ask you again- how do you know? How do we know that maybe one of these opportunities, a small dip of the toe into the vast swathes of random behaviors and interactions we witness everyday, couldn’t create something unique?

I’m not saying we should go grab every opportunity there is in the world with both hands, because that would be horrible cliche and i don’t roll like that. What i’m saying is that rather than assuming the worst of the world and the situations that present themselves in our daily lives, we could choose to see our world and the opportunities that crop up in a slightly different way. In the vast random compilation of peculiar opportunities that pass us by everyday, often without us noticing, all I ask, is you try is to see them. See everything in your world not as a limitation, another way we won’t reach “life domination” but a potential. Everything and everyone in your world is potentially a wonderful thing or person to have in your life, if you let them. If you see everything as something that “could” be brilliant and with work, commitment and a great deal of graft would bring you closer to “life domination” then surely it should be at least worth a try.

By choosing to see these opportunities we so love to ignore in a slightly different way, that familiar feeling of being “lost” could be changed. Rather than feeling irrelevant, insignificant in world in which there is so much going on, if we choose to see the potential to create something wonderful, then it could feel like we have our drive back, something to work towards. Seeing the potential could make us feel good, if we choose to allow it to. Not only feeling good through the motivation for “life domination,” but the journey could be so much more interesting in seeing all of what the world could offer. Not limited by what is “supposed to happen,” instead seeing the potential of what “could” happen, if we want it to.

Surely if we can choose to feel good about life, love and everything in between, while aiming for “life domination,” it should be worth trying. We see the potential in the biggest ideas and down to the tiniest details then maybe we could feel good, working towards “life domination.”

Surely its at least worth a try, where we can maybe be a part of a Thinking Evolution.

Yours, with much love as always.  DR

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