How do we maintain this drive?

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

So we have been considering the ideas behind what drives us, what makes us who we are and how modern society can sometimes limit that drive, make us consider not what we want to do, but what we are made to believe we are supposed to do.

We previously talked about that rather infuriating job interview question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” This question doesn’t have an answer, because it impossible to know. Between now and 2021 none of us know what will happen in our lives and how this will dictate the choices we make. The point is in 5 years where will be is further to where we want to be. We all have dreams, ideas for what we want for our life, regardless of whether we want to change it or not, it will always be there, we will always have dreams, even if we sometimes ignore them.

This drive shouldn’t be to make money, to get loads of sex or buy loads of cars, this is simply instant gratification of a novel item that wont really bring you anything long term. Be driven to create something wonderful, be it a business, a way of life for yourself and the people around you, or to understand what you are, to learn new things to take on new skills, see the world in a way that doesn’t have to be so angry and divisive. We mentioned that there are certain barriers in modern life that block this drive, tell you to take the easy route, take the job, your dreams wont work, do what your supposed to.

Choose to be driven by yourself and the wonderful people in your life building you up, telling you that you are an individual, a beautifully unique human being who is trying to make something of who they are, not doing what they’re supposed to because they were told what was right. You are the driver in your own car, its up to you what choices you take and how you go about your own life. These barriers aren’t put there by numerous aspects of modern life they are put there because you put them there. You and you alone decided this is a barrier stopping be doing what i want to, stopping me driving through. Get through the barrier, see what you need, what you want, get up and go get it.

Opinions are the most relevant to the people banging on about them. See what you want, understand how to get there, take the course, feed the drive. Be obsessive, be that person you idolize, that person if you met them you were jealous of the way they think, the way they act. Imagine your life the way you want to be, move into that, live it from the moment you wake up to the moment your asleep. That person you wish you were, your “best self.” Think about how your life would be if you were that person every day, how much better you would feel being that person you always imagined yourself being.

Its all down to choice. Choose to think better feeling thoughts, and start your Thinking Evolution.

Until next time. DR

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How do we maintain this drive

2 thoughts on “How do we maintain this drive?

  1. It’s a good subject, something I struggle with. Sometimes I feel really determined to get on and do what I want, but sometimes the (imagined) pressure to “be normal” is just enormous. Sometimes I think that what I think I want to do is just “silly nonsense”. And that’s without anyone even trying to put me down!

    Thanks for your article. 🙂

    1. Kjsq
      That’s an interesting point. Maybe to some extent there is a level of social pressure to do what we are supposed to, even if it moves us away from our dreams. To some extent as you say its us limiting our drive because of how we think modern society as it is today feels about the dreams we strive for…


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