Good evening ladies and gentleman

We live in age of exponential development, the world is moving so fast- to the point where it can feel like you can’t keep up, and nobody is coming back for you. You are alone, left in the cold as the world drives forward, forging a path into a future that i’m not sure we understand. We can’t know what is coming, as much as its a scary to not know, i feel as if whatever it is, its going to be just..more.

Society is developing and technology with it, as we age, as we change and evolve, its becoming a much more demanding world to live in, simply because there’s more and more being put into the world everyday. We are constantly adding, modifying, changing and evolving the definition of everything.

Things are always developing, to the point where you could get this new “thing” and before you know it, the next thing will be out- and off you go chasing that thing, then the next. its an endless cycle, like a dog chasing its own tail, we spend our lives chasing things, its a game that will never end.

Nobody wins- Nobody loses, for in our own way, we never really have enough.

Moreover, the problem of “having” enough can be taken a step further, to a much darker, more painful and generally more misery inducing part of our modern day reality. There are many powerful words, words that carry a great weight across the confusing landscape we call life. Few more powerful i think than the word “enough.” The more and more we put into the world, the more power gained by the idea of having or being “enough.” 2 little syllables that have developed to be able to define everything we are and everything we hope to become.

These days, i don’t think we will ever have enough, because there is no such thing, there is no fixed point, no “ultimate” if you will. Its about “being” enough that holds more power to us, in this society as the people we are developing into, not just as we grow, but evolve.

What if being enough to somebody could be related to this materialistic need for things. What if we have been lulled into a false sense of security about being in relationships, having girlfriends and boyfriends, partners in life- and in love. I feel like we can make a mistake when it comes to “things” and having a great deal of “things” because by today’s standards we think it makes us more attractive, so by this give us more access to “attractive” people, or more a “higher” standard of thing. We live in a world where the things we own make us feel like more, like we are finding our place in society based on how much stuff we have.

Think for a second, what does the world perceive as attractive? Really what takes people to that higher level of attraction? The perfect breasts, the muscular body, the thousands of Instagram followers or just the idea that being with them would allow you to climb further up the social ladder? We live in an age of competition to the point where being enough to someone is a harder thing to understand, because a lot of the time, we don’t treat people like people anymore. More like extensions of our stuff.

Its not about being enough to someone, to them finding that maximum limit where they are truly satisfied in every aspect of that life. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re supposed to be the ultimate, the world tells us thats what everyone is looking for.

It seems to me its more wanting to be that person that stops someone needing to keep searching for the almost perfect situation, looking and forever driving for something, some idea they are convinced finding this will bring them all the happiness they desire. We want to be enough to someone so they stop looking, so you see them and smile as do they, you watch the sunset and sun rise together, go out and party the night away or happily stay in bed all day, watching movies and eating pizza.

Wanting to be enough is one thing,

Wanting to be something, well that is something else entirely.

What does it mean to be enough to you? Is enough purely a materialistic thing, or does it mean something more?

Yours, with love as always

DR x