Good afternoon ladies and gents

The uniqueness of who you are, what you are and where you want to be in life cannot really be defined or described, because as i said, it is unique to you. Your dreams are yours, even if only you can see it, picture it and a constantly working on and trying to figure out how to get yourself closer to it.

However this uniqueness in the modern world is sometimes met with a alternate force, a force that seems to be stopping people from who they are and more importantly want to be. There are voices inside my head, as is there yours and everyone else’s. The voice that questions our intentions, our dreams. We wonder whether we should be thinking about trying to go for it, or stick to the old thing, the safe thing.

Job interviews are stupid, and ask questions like “Where do you hope to be in five years?” The safe option is a destination you played no part in, you existed to that point, no further forward and no further back. Not good, not bad, but nothing. Nothing is worse than any negative thing you hope to avoid with the safe option. This is the fear talking. “what if it fails?- i will have wasted my time and/or money, and i will be no further forward” or “what if it goes so well i can’t handle it?”

These two options are both perfectly plausible explanations and are both possible ways those dreams could go. Why is this a bad thing? Don’t choose to be average because all of the other people around you are average, that’s just stupid. Things may not go right, but so what? You tried something, it didn’t work, but you learnt how to get closer to success. This is that drive, you have to run for it, put everything into it and not feel sorry for yourself if it doesn’t. Nobody feels sorry for you if stuff doesn’t work, only you do, pining for sympathy. You want it? go and get it. This is the drive we all have, the voice inside your head, so why do we sometimes choose to ignore it?

You wonder about your dreams, about how much better your life would be if i was working towards my dream, but we feel like we aren’t supposed to, because that takes away from what we have been told our lives are supposed to be like. Its almost as if this world in 2016 takes that drive away from you, that deep burning desire to make your impact in the world, make that mark that say “yes, i stood up and did something, or said something, or creating something so fucking beautiful that you can jump up in the morning before dawn and collapse into bed exhausted at the end of the day, primed and ready to do it all again the next day.

That only barrier stopping you from doing what you please, pulling that drive that moves you forward towards your dreams is you. That drive, that desire you have to achieve those goals and dream for that lifestyle, is down to you and its you putting those barriers in the way, being people or circumstances.

What drives you? and what do you think stops your drive?

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Until next time. DR

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