Dear DR of 2011- Respect your choices

Whats going on DR

Well, first of all. Shush. Stop whining about how bad everything is, how you wish you could sit there and do something about it, without getting off your backside and actually doing something. Why do you think that will help? If you don’t do anything to bring about a change, other than sit and whine about it- why would you possibly think there will be a change?

Calm down. That is something i cannot stress enough. I distinctly remember a habit of wrapping yourself in so many layers, hiding feelings and thoughts behind other thoughts and then other thoughts on top of that. It became so confusing, it was as if you were five or six different people, all in some warped attempt to feel like you actually matter to another person, even though, usually without noticing, you do. Its as almost as if you are losing the sense of who you are and more importantly, who you want to be. Without knowing who you are, and who you want to be- how will anyone else want to know you and be a part of your life? How will you know what you want to achieve in life? You cannot force these things.

You have to calm down and stop trying to create a perfect environment, because its doesn’t work in 2016- why would it work in 2011?

The world is not perfect, far from it actually. So create the best you can from the world, be the person with the bigger energy for people to feed off, rather than feeling the only possibility is to sit and be miserable, wondering how you will come back from this state of total self-pity.

I’m not interested in trying to influence you in any way, without what you’re doing now i could not be the person i have become and to be honest, I’m doing the best i can to enjoy being this person. I write because i love doing it, i know outstanding people that make me want to be happier and be a better person everyday and believe it or not, me of 2011, I’m trying to see the joy in a world that seems to do nothing other than try to make us miserable.

So in conclusion. I ask you to relax and think about who and what you want to be, not what you think  other people want you to be. If they don’t like what you want to be, then that’s their dam problem, not yours. Stop being so hard on yourself, because life is hard. Life is supposed to be difficult, the things worth doing are supposed to be scary, otherwise they probably aren’t worth doing.

Stop trying to limit yourself by wrapping yourself up in someone else’s beliefs of who you are and most importantly, stop complaining. If you don’t like something about your life, either take steps to change it, or adapt to it. Make the choice to think better feeling thoughts. There is always a choice. Simply choose the path that makes you feel good.

Oh and of course, be lucky. Nothing wrong with a bit of luck.

DR of 2016


Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

The point of writing a letter to myself of 5 years ago is to consider regret, and how arguably pointless it is. I could write a letter to my 2011 self thousands of words long, talking about everything that I missed out on and how its all sad and terrible, but that won’t give me the ability to go back and do these things. Life is a collection of choices, be they good or bad is irrelevant, every time you come to a junction you make a decision to go a particular way, and off you go. Be confident in yourself, be capable of making a decision on something and to see that through. You see that decision through, then you can make the next choice and the next decision working towards those higher goals and desires.

As i wrote earlier, get to know who you are and who you want to be. This way you know more about the decisions you want to make to get the most out of your life. Please don’t just sit there and do nothing, scared of regret, of considering the grass being so much greener on the other side. Be proud of your grass, but respect how differently things could go. There is no point yearning to change a decision you already made, so respect this choice, and what you decided to do. Every decision we ever make teaches us more about ourselves and the world around us. There is no such thing as a wrong decision, bad decision is a much better phrase. You made a bad choice, and something you didn’t like happened.

However you learnt that acting this way and choosing this path made you feel bad, ignoring the fact it also allows you to appreciate how much better it feels when choices feel good and go your way. You know more about yourself every time you make a decision, and how to deal with bad feelings when the choices you make don’t come out with the results you were expecting. Regret shouldn’t come from doing something badly or making a bad choice, regret comes from not doing anything, and even that teaches you something about grabbing every opportunity with both hands.

Life is a collection of decisions and the lessons we can learn from them. So choose to feel good about them

Choose to think better feeling thoughts, and be a part of the Thinking Evolution.

Until next time. DR

PS: Challenge: Write a letter to yourself 5 years in the past. What would you write? How much would you tell them? Would you change anything? Drop us a comment in the usual ways and join the discussion.

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DR of 2011-Respect your choices