Celebrating Life

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

So throughout life, in particular with the compulsively high standards modern society seems to adhere to, its easy to feel behind and to judge your life through the spectacle of how other people are doing. We see the lives of others, be it friends, co-workers, people we walk past in the street or even those we sit in the same traffic jam on the way to “that job” in “that place” as somehow “further ahead.” Its a familiar feeling to expect that everyone will naturally do better than us, threaded throughout many aspects of our life with the firm expectation that we will never reach the heights we hope to.

These standards can deprive us of hope, make us wonder of the meaning of life, driven only by reaching an imaginary standard we assume we make us feel good and will give us the “happiness” we all crave so much. These ideas are thrown at us all the time. Get an education, this way you can get the job of your “dreams,” go out and be sociable, meet someone vaguely interesting, be with them, have kids with them. Congratulations you’ve done your bit, now go away. All of that and for what. We are all consumed by these lineal ideas of the meaning of life, spending so long told this is the ultimate way to live, the true path to what we are told “true happiness” really is.

I have a genuine problem with the idealistic bullshit. Nobody, and i mean NOBODY has the right to tell you what is or isn’t supposed to make you happy. This feeling we have, when we read the books, watch the instructional videos and listen to those we are convinced can aid us on the path to “success” and/or “happiness,” as we continue to watch results not flow in our direction, we can become convinced that we are living wrong, that we may be “broken.” To feel “broken” is haunting, like a big shadow cast over the dreams you had, as if the version of yourself you want to be is being bloodied and beaten by the necessities society and other people tell us should be fact, when in reality they are just the opinions of one person in your life, or the opinion of these supposed “authority” figures being floated around like they are talking about the next big thing in how you should be living your life.

Maybe I am broken for thinking this. There is an idea that if we are told something enough times, by enough different people, its very easy to become convinced that “oh not everybody can be wrong.” This is foolish thinking because we cherry pick details that don’t unsettle us, so we can carry on living the same dreary existence that for the most part we don’t even like, because we are so scared of actually feeling something, for another person, for an idea, for fucking anything that isn’t excepted primarily by society, and by other people. These are the details that everyone is convinced of, because theses are the details that don’t cause “issues.” If we are broken by this, then it should be embraced, not ignored.

I have done this throughout many periods of my life and the more i think about it, the less sense it makes.  I’ve mentioned before that with music, you don’t lie in wait hoping for the end to come around as soon as possible, otherwise Mozart wouldn’t have written over 600 works of music, i doubt The Rolling Stones would have been going this long and Justin Bieber wouldn’t be selling out stadiums throughout the world, regardless of how you, I or anyone feels about his music. Mozart’s music would have been as short as possible so we can all rush to the supposed undulated pleasure of the ending, consumed that is the key to happiness in modern society.

So, we spend our lives under the impression being like everyone else and not making a fuss will be the key to a peaceful life, while up in your mind its like a war, with who you are and the best version of yourself, that person you want so badly to be and for the world to see as you is trying to get out.

We should be celebrating these versions of ourselves, not battling to keep them hidden. If the people in your life cannot deal with you as you want to be, be it at your happiest, saddest or even in the hysterics of emotion, to the point where you hide it from them, spend time acting as similar as you can to them so they like you, so you don’t have to feel alone, then they truly don;t deserve you. If your ideas are ridiculed, thoughts quashed by the “man” then maybe your telling them to people who don’t really value as the unique, brilliantly minded person you are? (i.e. the wrong people)

This is the ultimate question of life, and how we should celebrate it. Life shouldn’t be about limitations or questioning whether certain ideas or behaviors should pass the “test” in order to be a part of modern society. Who has the right to pass this judgement? What gives you, me or anyone the right to ban ideas or people, to limit them from being who they are and who they want to be? Why should these chances be limited- because imagine what the world would be like if we had these opportunities if they cannot be detrimental to people?

Rather than hiding we should be asking questions and understanding life, not only for ourselves but for other people. We should be debating subjects, people with different opinions and asking questions that confuse us, for this way we can develop knowledge and learn about the world. We can go to places and see things that make us feel awe, be inspired to chase those dreams we never thought we would get to, because why not? You cannot know something won’t work unless you try. Its up to us to push through it all, there will be moments of failure, but its your choice how to react to them. You are not a number, you are not a faulty machine, so break free of the strings and just be you.

Surely this would be the ultimate celebration of life. To come together and develop ideas, just as people, irrelevant the finer details of where you’re from, what color your skin is, what religion you follow or your sexual orientation. This is an opinion of a person, and their opinions are unique. Through this if we can learn at least a little about life, love and everything in between, maybe we will have done some good with our time on this big blue and green marble.

and been a part of a Thinking Evolution.

Yours, with love as always.

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