Good evening ladies and gentleman

Will Smith, like him or not these days is a rather powerful speech maker, in particular when it comes to the mindset that drives us to evolve, in all aspects of life…

“He who says he can and he who says he cannot…are both usually right.”

While as i said before there is a power in not knowing what’s going to happen, that knowledge and that power in not knowing the outcome of a situation or connection is a string on a multi-faceted bow in your mental arsenal. That is an undeniably important aspect to you and your evolution, but alone the arsenal could easily run dry at the first sight of difficulty and in particular of struggle.

When winning, it comes with a near unshakable belief that you’re on the hot streak of a lifetime and the end of said streak is the last thing you think about. When we move about in survival mode, maybe literally in your life or in some mental battle you find yourself plagued in, any step forward can feel like a victory that once seemed impossible, a sensation so out of reach it was a mere fantasy that you didn’t really bother with.

I maintain that this alone cannot sustain you, for the surprise will die out and fear will take a hold. Fear, pain, confusion and anxiety will try to take you down, as often they have done before, where a win won’t stay a win for very long for the belief that you “winning” is “impossible.”

To move in that way, to carry on ploughing through life in such a cavalier way, so confident and hopeful of failure is a sure fire sign of confident and very powerful…failure.

The emotions will get the better of you, life will get the better of you and ultimately you will get the better of you as the habits of old take a grasp on your soul once again. So, as i said before- there has to be a better way.

I could go on a pointless rant like conversation about believing in yourself but i’d imagine we’ve all heard that sort of ridiculousness before and I’m tired of the same tedious rhetoric. So no, not that. Choosing to believe your life is going to be a good one is a sure sign it will never reach the standards that you hope, or expect it to achieve. To me, the only symptom to be extracted from such a blind adventure is disappointment, a powerful and toxic like sensation that will sap the very life force from you as it takes a grasp around your beating heart, clawing in so tight the knot in your stomach seems like it will never leave you.

No. Just…No.

I don’t want you to believe you can do anything. I don’t believe that of myself, its hedonistic and the frankly Freudian nature of what is already a powerfully questionable and emotionally destructive idea achieves very little to me. I mean it’s never gotten me very far, often in a circle to the same sensations over and over again.

I choose not to believe i can do anything. I choose to believe i can handle anything.

Read that again.

I choose to believe i can handle anything.

I’ve changed one word and the phrase takes on a new level of power.

“Anything” as a word has very little meaning as a definable term in this context, therefore i think when this belief you can do anything is batted around rather casually in this context it’s always been rather lost on me.

Anything dictates to me that one has to be looking…for an answer, a solution, to a problem or puzzle.

Endlessly looking for something or someone has always appeared the most folly of misadventures to me, for the art of looking for something as indefinable as “something” means that you will never truly find it, let alone comprehend it. The subject nature of the problem is where I think I and so many of us have gone wrong in the past- the focus has been wrong.

It doesn’t matter what that “something” is. In truth, it never mattered, not really.

Everyone is handling something, and in their own way have a power to believe in themselves. You fall down, you get up. They fall down, they get up. I find myself wandering about negativity and the role it has played on me for years now, this idea of the assumption of failure…saving me from the fear of success.

Why? The focus of my efforts and energies was misplaced. Negative energy is unquestionably powerful, but the key is in the emotional context. What you choose to focus on will come to influence almost every decision you make in your life. I have come to realise we have little control of our lives and more so of the universe we find ourselves walking in. Fear inducing- definitely. We haven’t control, but we have influence. You can influence your decisions and beliefs in how you choose to think and feel. It’s just that, a decision. Make a decision to do the exact opposite you’d normally jump to. See what happens. Feel the fear grow and the anxiety build. Bring it on.

But maybe fear is good, we need a bit of fear sometimes. Gets the heart beating, hairs standing on end. The art of the Viking, not knowing what’s going to happen and doing it anyway.

The end result doesn’t matter. The action, right there and then is what matters. Doing. Whatever happens, be your own biggest supporter. You can handle anything.

Believe. You will surprise you with what your capable of when you try.

It endlessly surprises me.

Yours, with love as always.
D.R x