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Without a shadow of doubt, this is one of those things that is really fucking aggravating. There aren’t many consistencies in modern society, but this will always be one of the most annoying things ever. Modern society has created a rather distant, uninterested world of random online dating sites and hookups over the internet, making people somewhat self-absorbed, more interested in themselves and their smartphone than anything and everything else. Now admittedly it could be considered hypocritical considering that i do own a smartphone and am writing this on the internet, but stick with us the point still remains.

We all these days have so many social media profiles and apps that can do this and send that, its almost as if we post everything from our daily lives on an app or on the internet for our “friends” to see, or some cases for everyone to see. This means we can look at a profile and a photo, thinking we can deduce what sort of person that is and whether we would want to know them, meet them and be with them.

This seems to generally lead to a rather self-absorbed way of thinking, for instance if you were meeting someone, be it at a party or for dinner, whatever, you could look throughout the social media profiles and conversation you had with them, looking for information and insights into what they like, what they don’t like and what makes them feel good. This however, isn’t teaching you anything about the person, you are assuming this is who they are and this is what they like.

The modern world has created a sort of split personality style to the way we live, there’s the person we are around people, be it associates, work colleagues or your closer friends. This person is somewhat harder to hide because these are the people who know you, all be it in different capacities. Then there is the person you are online, more like the person you want the world to know, in almost a faceless sort of way, your opinions seem to change, your less minded to what people think and less afraid to speak your mind online. Essentially because there are less repercussions and your less likely to lose the friends that make your life so comfortable.

This habit we all have in modern society makes for people believing they are generally more intelligent than everyone else because they have more information about them, therefore allowing them to make assumptions on what they are going to do and how they are going to do it, be it from reading online or the people they are familiar with previously.

To decide something makes sense and someone has a certain personality trait without questioning or simply asking them is freaking ludicrous,  as you don’t know what someone is going to do, without knowing them, or something as simple as asking them. People lose relationships and friendships everyday based on assumptions.

Just because someone talks to you and is nice to you does not mean they instantly are going to fall in love you and want to spend the rest of their lives with you! Maybe they’re just a nice, happy, mentally strong person who knows what they want in life and are relaxed and happy with the person they are,  not necessarily needing you to try something that involves you thinking just for yourself. Relationships and feelings are something develop, a rapport, a chemistry between people, not just someone you can get underneath and hope something will develop. Its not that simple!

At the same time this assumption based knowledge can have the opposite effect, usually based on self esteem issues. We have spoken a lot about belief, but when you lack it your ability to see information and how to use it is severely warped, assuming something is bad and won’t work, generally means it won’t.

Furthermore this assumption based attitude we seem to have developed makes for more problems than we all care to consider as it means we all do it all of the time, not necessarily with friends but with colleagues, bosses, lawyers and managers, everyone really. We assume through events and people will act in a certain way, because that is what makes sense in what has become a rather cynical world view.

What do people assume about you? Does it annoy you the same way it aggravates me?

Love to hear how you feel in the usual ways.

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