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As you may have seen on social media from time to time, i find certain quotes from people that seem interesting, as well as posting them at the bottom of these writings.These quotes are an additional thought I feel like is connected to what we have been thinking about or something that is another interesting discussion point. They are interesting because they can be inspirational as well as connecting to something I’ve already written. As in many aspects throughout life, these quotes create thoughts, ideas and convince me of ideas. Its this individual based thought, this unique way of thinking that seems of interest.

As we come closer to the first anniversary of Thinking Evolution,  I find myself looking at the idea that you are forging your own path, to blaze through all the strange mediocrity of modern life and be that utterly magnificent version of yourself you always imagined you could be. That dream, that lifestyle, that ultimate phase of life where you feel like, just for once, you are truly achieving “life domination.” All of this, revolves around this idea that through all the stuff that makes us sad, angry, shake with fear, sink so far away from everything with such a sense of anxiety, we are all unique.

However, its this i think is the issue. This desired “uniqueness.” Its like we are concerned by the ideals of modern life and its manufactured happiness, thinking that new shiny car, the bigger house, that “key” promotion or whatever is currently on special for lunch is the key to a happy and successful life. I feel like at times, we all fall foul of this warped ideology. Why? Because its easy. Its a near emotionless, sedated experience that gives us just enough to not be totally miserable. That counter acting against the desire to be unique, to feel something new, to do something never done, to be somewhere not ever been and being something so much more than the insignificant speck in this giant absurd wheel forever spinning through life is a constant battle.

We fear being unique too though, for we think it will make us alone. If nobody can see the world as you see it, is able to think as you think, to love as you love and to even like similar music that you do, then that’s it. “I am, and always will be…alone.” We feel so unique, so singular in the way we think and feel that connections seem nothing more than a distant fantasy. Of all the fears and phobias in the world, modern or hundreds of years old, being alone, to me, is more powerful and effective at systematically destroying someone’s soul and the very essence of of what someone is. What i fear more of modern life is this systematic destruction of this uniqueness is  something we are consciously aware of, something we do in order not to be alone.

This just creates more questions though. What is being alone? Can you truly ever be alone, fearing life, love and everything in between if you have never experienced the highs these ideals can offer? Maybe in this age of TV dramas, binge watching and Netflix play a part in this supposedly relevant and real aspect of life, as we watch connections form and bridges burn in a number of hours, leaving us only with the pain of what happened, seemably as a result of that connection, of that beautiful moment. These moments that are so fear inducing, that the moments that make us unique so to create only pair and loss, a profoundly negative reaction to something uniquely brilliant.

It seems a rather endless circle then, a forever ending quandary that can’t be explained or removed from the forever evolving equation that is life. So- how do we go about living with this equation- how do we become more than a collection of x and y’s, to live life in our own way, while understanding and respecting fear of what we assume is to be alone. To live life not attached to the ideals of society and its manufactured happiness, to think differently and see the world through your unique perspective, not as the television says you should.

The problem is we can be greatly effected by the ideals of a society as we can see the changing of thoughts and feelings as forging connections more than losing ourselves. Its almost an intentional ignorance of the beautifully unique characteristics i choose to believe we all possess. This minefield though, it kills part of you. The free thinking, the opinionated, the respectful, unique, idealistic brilliant version of yourself that lives deep within you sort of falls into the background, insignificant, as you become a number in order not to feel alone. The death of your “uniqueness” changes you, makes you a harder person, living life in a much more fear inducing way. This, interestingly, is something we all live to, but doesn’t make any sense, for one very simple reason.

The vast majority of the population doesn’t care what your doing, what you look like, how you career is going, how much money you have, what car you drive, whether you get that promotion or how much your suit cost. People don’t care because they are busy worrying about what you think of them, rather than what your doing. Furthermore why would people care? We sit there fearful of what people think, of being seen as different, so alone, we crush deep down the unique characteristics that make us brilliant to the point we don’t really do anything. So this idea that people will form an opinion of you- living like that, what are we? Truth is, we really aren’t anything.

That’s the point i think. Uniqueness seen as this singular thing, this close to perfect idealistic way of living that means you’re doing your own thing and everything people are doing and thinking becomes insignificant, because “I’m doing my own thing.” This single view of what it means to live your life your way, to me, is where the limitations of being unique start to come in, because we ignore that we are all uniquely the same.

Throughout life, we are all trying to achieve the same thing- to live in a unique way. Everybody is trying to do this, in their own way. Away from the world and its obsessive ideals, if we can choose to live our way, and maybe inspire even just one person to live as they choose to and not to the ideals of this modern world, the ideas that we could share, the thoughts and feelings that could come to fruition would be incredible. If we collectively can find a way of living in a unique way, there are no limitations on what we could do.

If we remember this, i feel like we can live a little more peacefully and through this have a much happier and successful life, without the fear of being alone, of thinking differently and not seeing the world as society does. For this is who we are. And to live to the ideals of who you are is a truly spectacular form of life.

Yours, with love as always.


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