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May 2017

The Show

Good evening ladies and gentleman “Do not go gentle into that goodnight….rage, rage against the dying of the light….” I found this phrase many years ago and have since used it as a fight against loss, being defeated and most… Continue Reading →


Good evening ladies and gentleman I have always been¬†infuriated by this idea of “OK, that’s the way it is.” What’s the point of being able to think freely and without bias if we aren’t actually going to use this brilliant… Continue Reading →

Side Step

Good evening ladies and gentleman I have said a number of times before over what has been more than a year now, we all have someone that lives just beneath the surface of who you show to the world. I… Continue Reading →


Good afternoon ladies and gentleman So, come tomorrow (May 3rd) Thinking Evolution will be celebrating its first anniversary. Quite frankly through all the trials and tribulations i have a habit of putting myself through- its remarkable we made it this… Continue Reading →

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