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March 2017


Good evening ladies and gentleman Recently, through a cloud of feeling and perhaps more importantly worrying about aspects of my life, i started to wander if I have, somehow, done something wrong. Have i made a wrong turn somewhere that… Continue Reading →

Attempted Acceptance

God evening ladies and gentleman I have found myself in an almost remarkable state of perpetual motion recently,  feeling like I’ve lost something by standing still. Its as if I’ve been driving through life,  as the wheels spin, the engine… Continue Reading →

Life’s Bittersweet Symphony

Good evening ladies and gentleman I hope that a sort of pattern is forming in the thoughts and feelings i portray across Thinking Evolution. I feel a lot of what we do, think and feel throughout out lives should always… Continue Reading →

Creating a Legacy

Good evening ladies and gentleman So we have been considering the issues and ideas behind living forever and being “bigger than your inevitable end” for sometime now. I got to thinking- what is this mark? I’ve talked about this random… Continue Reading →

Little Victories

Good evening ladies and gentleman Over the last few months, i have thrown around ideas about all manner of things, making often increasingly elaborate points about the never ending complexity of your mind, the people around us and the forever… Continue Reading →

How to Live Forever

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman After our initial venture into the idea of never ending life, where we spend our lives living in fear of how an ending will make you feel,  considering the crushing disappointment it didn’t go how you hoped… Continue Reading →

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